Monday, June 4, 2012

Feminine surprise.

So, i'm excited to kick off my first review, with this beauty I received today. I don't usually rave about feminine products, but when they are free and come in cute packaging, they deserve some praise. I forgot I had even signed up for this one.
Much to my surprise, I opened my mailbox to find a beautiful, convenient sized pouch, full of samples and coupons from Always & Tampax. I have actually wanted to try out their new tampons, so i'm glad i got this.
I tried out the liners and new tampon and i was pleased with the changes. The applicator and tampon itself are softer than usual. Not much more to say about a feminine product, but it gets the job done in a pleasant way.
The changes are beneficial and i would gladly buy a full pack in the future. The cheapy tampons do not feel comfortable. I always go for this brand, just for that extra comfort. It's important. Who wants to go through voluntary torture down there? That's basically what it is. You don't want to skimp on comfort down there.

More importantly, this pouch is going to come in really handy to carry a lot of things in my purse.
Thanks so much Always & Tampax! I have to say, this is one of the best freebies I have encountered this year. I will admit, the 14 yr old in me squee'd a little, when i opened the package. It has all of my favorite things. Stars, shades of purple, and a nice sheen to it. So pretty.

This would make a perfect addition to any teen or college student's birthday gift or care package. This promotion is still alive! Grab yours while you can :) Tampax Radiant Sample Pouch



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