Monday, July 23, 2012

Old Navy Skirt!

I find that Old Navy is very hit or miss, but when you hit, you really do land a bulls eye. A few days ago, I scored this lovely skirt. 

What is so great about this skirt? 

  • It's gorgeous, that's obvious.
  • Comfier than anything I have ever worn.
  • It's one of my absolute favorite colors: Violet. 
  • It has a drawstring. If I lose weight, it won't fall off me. 
  • It's lined. This is very rare in Old Navy. 
  • It has big, relatively deep pockets. Also rare. 
  • Just very pretty flowing 100% Cotton fabric, fully machine washable. 
  • It hugs in the right places and not in the wrong. 
          Another rarity for me in Old Navy clothing.
  • I got it on clearance for $18. Originally $30.

There's really nothing I don't adore about this skirt. 

The actual color. Such a pretty light violet. Adorned with adorable dandelions. Adornable! The dandelions kind of wax nostalgic for me. It makes part of me feel like reliving my youth, frolicking in a field, as I blow the dandelions into the wind, hoping, praying, my wish would come true. Important things like a boy who I wanted to like me. 

I have a bit of an addiction with Picmonkey.


  1. Thats a cute skirt! I agree about Old Navy being hit or miss but they sure do get it right when they do!! :)

  2. super cute!! Now I want one too!!

  3. That skirt is adorable on you! Very nice!!

  4. Beautiful! It looks comfortable too! Maybe it's just me, but I would actually like that skirt with the butterfly on it (like in your first picture). Thank you for sharing!

  5. Such a cute skirt! i absolutely love Old Navy clothing. Sometimes I walk in and dont find anything but other times I really make out well.

  6. That really is cute. I never have any luck at old navy

  7. So cute! I agree that Old Navy is hit or miss. Sometimes I go in there and come out with more than I can carry, other times I walk out totally empty handed. It all depends.

  8. I love it!! I sometimes get lucky at Old Navy too!

  9. Me too. I never had luck with Old Navy, especially skirt. They're too big for me.


  10. I never go to Old Navy anymore because I can't seem to justify many of their prices. But I have apparently been missing out on their clearance section!

    That skirt is soo cute. I love the color