Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paul & Joe Lipstick Review !

My love affair with Paul & Joe started just weeks ago, when a friend posted a picture of these gorgeous lipsticks. These were no ordinary lipsticks though, they had kitten shaped ends! Yes, that's right. The part you put on your mouth has little ears and the face of a kitten, AND a top hat. It really doesn't get more oddly cute than that. Being the kitty connoisseur I am, I was immediately struck with a sense of need for this collection.

Take a look at how purr-fect this is! Can you get enough??

Unfortunately, when I contacted the PR of Paul and Joe, they were out of this particular style. I was crushed. Needless to say, this was a cat-astrophy in my world of beauty. Of course something like this is going to fly off shelves by summer. But not to worry. To my uncanny surprise, they were gracious enough to offer another collection, which also revolves around   the feline persuasion.

I'm ecstatic to show you this new line! It won't be around until Autumn, but I get to give you a sneak peak...

Who is ready for Autumn? I know I am. This brutal heat has pretty much violently pushed me into the ready stage, and I don’t doubt most of you are feeling the same way. 

 Well, let’s time travel to the future for a lil escape, shall we?  

To Autumn, on a crisp cool day of let's say 65 degrees, in the month of October. The streets are decorated in leaves of warm browns and marigolds. Not too cold and not too hot. A weather Utopia...

Autumn brings to mind many things, but most of all, color.  I love the colors that come with Autumn, and makeup & clothing is my favorite part of that equation. 

When the Paul and Joe PR asked me what colors I would prefer, I said anything that would complement my fair complexion, in the pink family. They set me up with a few choices and I ended up with this one. Look, it's the kitty I was talking about. How freakin cute is that case? This lipstick may not have a kitty shaped face, but it's just as well. After several applications, the lovely art would have faded away. This way i can keep the kitty forever into my crazy cat lady days. Ok, crazi-er.

There are several styles and textures for each set of colors. I was provided with the Natural texture, in the color Le Marais 208. It is described as a "classic and cool Sepia tone" It turned out to be a very neutral color that I wasn't sure about, but when I put it on, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought a maroon sweater would bring out the color and it did. My lips popped, and it really does remind me of Sepia.

I added some colors from my Clinique pallet (A recent GWP) to complete the look. A warm dusky purple with a peachy pink blush turned out perfect. 

Their take: 
NATURAL texture: This pure texture creates plump, radiant lips with beautiful color and just the right amount of intensity and shine. With a dense and nourishing consistency, the creamy, luxurious formula settles softly on top of the lips for a youthful, natural finish.

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Cocoa Butter     
  • Orange Flower Water                    
  • Jojoba oil   
  • White Lilly Extract
  • Lavender Oil

My Take:
These lipsticks are PACKED with wonderful ingredients and you can tell. I can vouch for this description. It went on very smooth. It was very emollient, as it clearly boasts, and the texture really did give my lips a lot more pout/fullness. One thing that I noticed that most lipsticks do, is that it DID NOT cake up after prolonged wear. It felt wonderful on my lips. I highly approve this lipstick. There are a wide variety of colors for each texture in the fall line, so keep a lookout for their debut and find your perfect match. 

 I had to save the best for last. Can we talk about the casing again? It's INTERCHANGEABLE

   Not only is the casing adorable, but you have many other covers to choose from.

I am SO in love with this line. The Autumn line will debut September of 2012, and you can purchase their products on Beauty The lipstick goes for $20 Separately. The casing is only $5 and a refill costs $17. In my opinion, it is worth every penny. Until it debuts, you must check out their summer collection right meow.  Had to sneak one in, because 3's a charm. Take a look at the utter whimsy that is Their artful designs are so unique and gorgeous, you'll think you've encountered a makeup wonderland.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.


  1. Thanks so much for this review! I LOVE the lipstick covers - pretty enough to put out for show :) .
    The color you reviewed is awesome! And it does look really smooth on you. Paul & Joe, here I come!

  2. Sounds really awesome! I want some!

  3. Those look fun!! Are all of the ingredients natural? Or just those ones listed above? I'm loving the cute cases

  4. I'm not sure Gia. This is all the information I was provided with about the ingredients. You could visit their website and contact them about it.

  5. Love the covers, sounds like something i would love to try

  6. These are the cutest things yet! I love the covers!! Great review!! Cannot wait to see the next line!

  7. Another great review and I had no knowledge about this product. Thank you for the introduction and I'm interested already in two of the colors.

  8. Cute lipstick AND a cute cover?! I'm sold! Where's mine? ;-)

  9. I WANT KITTY LIPSTICK!!! Could you tell Paul and Joe to please bring back our kitty heads?!?! lol I love this stuff I'm definitely going to get some!

  10. I love this!! I wish they would bring this line back too.

  11. Those lipsticks sound beyond healthy for your lips, Which I LOVE, and the kittens are just super cute. I know alot of "cat ladies" that would love these for christmas this year. Thank you for the review.