Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why should you join Klout?

Why should you join Klout or take it more seriously? 

You may have been seeing this Klout thing popping up. People randomly asking for +k's on your Facebook feed, and you're completely out of the loop wondering what you're missing. I'll tell you. Klout is a site that rewards you with free full size products, gift cards and other things, for your "social influence". This social influence is based on what you do on different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Whether it be through your business, blogging, or product advertising to friends, Klout is the big brother watching and rating you.
The more you do and the more people - "influencers" you add, the more you're rewarded. You are given up to 10 topics to choose for your profile. These topics revolve around what topics interest you. People +k you in those topics that they feel you influence them in. You return those plus k's, and eventually you get enough +k's to add another topic (costing 5 k's, you get 10k a day) or spend on adding one to a friends profile. The idea is to get freebies based on the genre/topics you choose. Klout does a pretty good job of matching up products to your interests. 

There are many facets to Klout, and the only way to understand it is to just jump in and learn by doing. There is a guide to get you started and familiarized in my Rewards tab.

I only joined Klout a few months ago and I have been very impressed with the rewards I've gotten. Today, i'm reviewing the latest and my most favorite of them thus far.

The "Summer of Doing" perks, courtesy of Bing search engine.

  • A mini herb gardening set with Bing branding, and a $10 visa card
  • Wooden circle box with Bing branding, filled with wine accessories, and another $10 Visa card as well

 The only thing they want in return is for you to give your opinion, and tell them what you spent your money on to contribute to your "Summer of Doing".

I will probably spend mine on working on my green thumb with that set, and buying some pretty pots to transfer them to. As it stands, the only green thumb I get is from painting with green. 

The other one is obvious what i'll spend it on, WINE! I love Barefoot Moscato and that will definitely contribute to the happiness in my summer of doing...things. ;) A nice relaxing glass of wine on a somewhat cool, starry night. Makes me wish I had a rocking bench or hammock to complete the scene. Sigh, one day...  

Prior to this perk, I scored: Essie nail polish, 10 packs of Lipton tea, 12 packs of Trident,  a Live Nation perk, which was an online gift card for $35, good for anything on the site. A Bumble & Bumble hair color care set (You can see my review here) Roc nourishing cream, deals on shops, and recently, a full size pack of Aveeno face wipes. 

Um, need I say more? 

Klout is reward happy and you should really take advantage of it. I will be honest, it tends to be high maintenence and you do have to keep up with it. Right now my score is at a stubborn 61, but that still earns me a lot of perks and doesn't disuade me from working at it every day. I have learned a lot of tips and tricks in the past week, so i will apply them this run.

If you are active on all social platforms on a regular basis, I highly recommend you sign up now, if you haven't. No, I demand it! I need more social influence's ;)

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  1. Great review! I think everyone should join Klout!

  2. Great review!! The rewards are great!!

  3. Great post. While others make fun of Klout, and at times I can't blame them, it doesn't bother me and I am happy to accept Perks for doing nothing extra at all. I have also had people, who I didn't think would be looking, comment on my Klout score. So while I don't think it is as accurate a measurement of influence as they purport, some people are certainly watching it.

  4. THANK YOU for this!! I have Klout and I'm so confused by it. I'm looking forward to earning some rewards now! :)

  5. hey ppl should join ..but im still tryna get ...ikr figure it out lol

  6. Great review Ali! I'm a member of Klout and I love it! You can get so many awesome perks so it's a great site!

  7. Great Post! I have enjoyed some cool KLOUT Rewards too...I got a huge box of Trident Gum, free business cards from MOO and more...Your wine set is SO nice. Look for me on KLOUT so we can influence each other! !

    jenny at dapperhouse

  8. Great review about another way for us to get VERY nice freebies for not too much effort. I love the Jason Natural body wash I received from Klout (full-sized, too!), and I'm still trying to decide what shirt I want to buy with the $35 concert cash I received from LiveNation.

  9. Klout is a great place and I need to get into the habit of remembering to use it.

  10. Awesome! Thanks for reminding me that Klout is good, not just a thorn in my side. LOL

  11. Very nice review, thank you.

  12. Great review! I love Klout and I agree they more people should check it out!

  13. Very nice, thanks for the info!

  14. you've made out like a bandit on there! lol - I'm still waiting to snag my first score keeps going from 60 down to 59 and back.

  15. Great review and what cool Perks you have gotten!!

  16. Klout is great. The $10 gift card from Bing is a really cool perk!

  17. Klout for president!! err, Great klout review, I really think Klout is the future of summing up social networking.

  18. Great Review on Klout! I didn't even know this ~ I just joined not long ago. Love the whole idea though!

  19. Update: After exploring more and trying out new things, i've realized that it's not as high maintenance as I initially thought. If you can dedicate about 10-30 minutes a day klouting with a few people who influence you, you will gradually climb up in score. You can do this by several ways: Commenting and liking things on their fb, re-tweeting, personal tweeting, giving g+ and commenting on g+, and adding new influencers a few times a week. If you can do all this at least a few times a week, you will see a change in your stubborn score.

  20. Dang, you got all kinds of cool Klout perks! My klout score went up to 61 last week when they made that change, then a few days ago went back down to 41 for no reason over night. Then the next day I signed on and the graph said it had been at 41 the whole time, but I had the 60+ badge thing... kinda weird. Anyway, great review!