Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cruelty Free Makeup!

It all started in my early twenties when I read my first issue of Adbusters. I was rudely awakened out of my blissfully ignorant bubble. Seeing what those animals are subjected to for the sake of vanity, made me a blubbering idiot. I cried harder and harder with every turn of a page. My roommate that year shed a very bright light in my face and it hasn't dimmed since.
It sickens me that compassion is outnumbered by vanity and money. I try my damnedest to avoid anything tested on animals. Being on a tight budget makes it very difficult at times, but this will help me. I stay pretty simple in my daily regimen and beauty routine, as I get older, so it has gotten easier. I'm no longer a product junkie like i used to be, but i do still love to experiment. It's a task to find perfect skin and beauty care. Fortunately with time passed, there are a plethora of options compared to even just a few years ago, and a lot are affordabley priced.

I let myself slip in this area. I am not going to berate myself, as I am only human (And I think it had a bit to do with "Happiness is a bad memory") but I am going to try to stay cruelty free in things. This list will dramatically help me. Especially because many former cruelty free companies have turned back to animal testing, and just recently. Many of my favorites, such as Clinique and Essie (Owned by L'oreal now, which does test)

I was very pleasantly surprised to find Physicians Formula on this good list! I had just done a search on if it was cruelty-free and tada, PETA pops up with it's list. I have a coupon for $10 off and I was frightened I wouldn't be able to use it. haha

If you have ever wanted a list of cruelty free companies at your fingertips, this is your answer. Though I don't agree with all of  PETA'S mindset on all things and how they bring their beliefs into action, this is a very helpful amount of information to help me better avoid those cosmetic companies that do test on animals. I hope this will be as helpful to you as It already has been for me.

UPDATE: I continue to challenge myself to remain cruelty free, but some days my wallet or lack of what is in it wins and the way my body likes to freak out when I put random non-tested chemicals on it. I have realized that I have to be even more careful choosing cruelty free products. Especially anti-aging lotions. I persevere. 

Click Here for a comprehensive list of Non-animal testers & animal testers

Leapingbunny.org is another, sometimes more updated source. They have a lot more information on the matter, as well as cover the whole kit and caboodle of Cruelty Free (Another extension of Leaping bunny, with loads of info. Search your favorite companies). 

Cruelty free means: No animal tested ingredients. No selling to China, where they do test. No testing on animals once the final product is completed. 

*UPDATE! E.L.F has since proudly displayed their badge for cruelty free! Yay!*

Help us reach our goal of 100,000 signatures by Taking the Leap to
go cruelty-free at www.leapingbunnypledge.org

My favorite go to nail polish and makeup finds:

  • E.LF. They have it all. It's great quality and it's dirt cheap.
  • My favorite cruelty free nail polish line by far is Zoya. They are just incredible quality for the price and there is every color variant shade under the sun. I've never found a company with so MANY choices.
  • I recently discovered Essence, who also does not test on animals. I can't wait to try their nail polishes. Currently they sell at very few places in the US, but luckily I live near an ULTA. Unfortunately, they do not sell Essence at the ULTA store online.
Here is my review on some Essence makeup. They remind me of Wet n' Wild who ALSO does not test on animals! http://www.beautiful-incentives.com/2012/08/essence-makeup-review-german-based.html

Just as important, I stay away from all harmful chemicals. It took me a while to learn the worst offenders for my cystic acne. You can view extensive information, including helpful go to lists for  harmful chemicals in makeup in my article here.  

PETA's Listsof NON-Animal testing/Cruelty free & their Nemesis. I don't agree with all their crazy shenanigans, but they carry invaluable cold, hard, facts. A great source of information is had here. 


  1. The amount of companies and business that do animal testing, or any significant cruelty to animals at all has always disgusted me....and so many people are passive about it, as if almost to say "well it has to be done on something"...it's ridiculous...but anyway, nice article, very well written, always a good thing to bring awareness to companies that do and do not test their products on animals, good job.

  2. People will argue "well, don't you want medicines that could cure you of a disease, to first be tested on animals?" To that i say, it's a valid point and i do struggle with morality and medicine. Do we really want to extend our lives by taking other animals's lives or subjecting them to torturous testing? I don't like being confronted with the question, but my honest answer is I struggle with it. It makes me feel like a hypocrite if i say yes to it, but all i know is that what I want is to avoid that kind of cruelty when it isn't needed. To avoid it when at all possible.

  3. Also, I need to do an addendum to this and compare the difference between non-animal testing vs. Cruelty free. It's a very misguiding word.

  4. It is a very interesting topic and I would love to see an article about that Ali. I try to stay away from companies that test on animals as well. I used to never pay much attention to it before. However, lately I have been. Thanks for this list.

  5. I cant believe so many of my favorite companies animal test. This makes me so sad.

  6. I know. It's so disheartening. Due to the slump in our economy, lots of them started marketing to China, which requires animal testing as law.

  7. I reacted the same way when I found out about all the animal testing, and now I cannot stand to think about it. I try my best to not purchase products involved with it, and this list us a huge help! Thanks!

  8. I try to stay away from products tested on animals too, but it isn't always easy. Thank you for the list!

  9. Before I get into my own opinions, I thought you might really benefit from this database I found a long time ago. It's amazing and really helps me pick out product for product, what I want and what I would never use.

    That being said, it's not easy going from your tried and true products to something new (fitting under a new lifestyle criteria) that may or may not work. I've been there before. Reading labels, and researching companies from their root and up is the only way I've been able to weed out the companies I refuse to be a customer from.

    Thanks so much for your information, I plan on frequenting back to your blog for more information on cruelty-free products.

    Isn't the internet great, though? We can research something in a matter of minutes :)

    1. Why didn't my link to the database show up?


    2. Thank you Gia! What's funny is that I came across that site just last night. I was searching for chemicals that were known aggravations/causes of acne. My goal is not only be cruelty-free as a whole, but also stay away from the popular chemicals that a lot of experts deem unsafe. It is a freakin task indeed. Trying to do both, but some chemicals i will stay away from completely. Others i will let slide. I was also searching all the ingredients of Physicians formula, which for the most part, has healthy ingredients, but some are controversial. They are cruelty free though.

      What I really can't stand is the natural/organic stores that sell facial cleanser for 60 bucks, frighten you with statistics that have yet to be even backed up completely. Such as on the subject of Dimethicone. Things like that are an obvious ploy to get you to buy their products. Not much different from the way a bible beater would switch you to their religion. Seriously.

  10. UPDATE! E.L.F has since proudly displayed their badge for cruelty free! Yay!

  11. Please note I saw that essence still does test if they have to by law. Sucks. They don't test the end product. Very misleading.

    1. Really? Ugh. A lot of companies that claim to be cruel free do fail to mention that they test on the ingredients, but not the final product. Hard to ever know. They don't test all though. I guess it's up to us to look into each product. PIA but this is that life. Thankfully, there are so many stand alone mom pop places on etsy and others that sell completely cruelty free, from start to finish.