Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deodomom aluminum-free & non-toxic deodorant. Safe for pregnant women, but meant for everyone.

I strive to find the most natural products for my body, and have long since been on an endless search for deodorant that worked well, without containing aluminum. Oddly,  my initial Secret deodorant was starting to irritate my underarms out of nowhere. I needed to find an alternative and fast.

Well, after many different and expensive attempts to find my holy grail of a stink eliminator, I found a definite keeper through a friend and fellow blogger of mine, Toxin Avengers.

She was offering a deodorant from 30someweeks for someone to do a review on and I jumped at the chance.

30 Some Weeks History

A mom and pop store that came to fruition when both a husband and wife living in New York wanted to design a deodorant that minimized exposure to aluminum during pregnancy, and a cleansing but also moisturizing alternative to synthetic soap for children.

Ingredients & benefits 

  • Non toxic 
  • Vegan
  • Minimal ingredients- Magnesium hydroxide – a mineral safe enough to eat – and water. Depending on the season and availability natural moisturizing or antimicrobial agents may be added to the cream & noted on the label.
  • Originally meant for pregnant women, due to the safety of it being toxin free and hypoallergenic,  but it works for everyone of course! 

Initially, I was really skeptical about the Deodomom roll on. I thought I would hate it not preventing wetness, but that turned out not to be an issue at all. I don't get sopping wet and allowing yourself to sweat allows toxins to leave your body. As long as I don't smell along with it, I'm a happy camper.

This deodorant did exactly what it claimed to do, prevent odor, and it lasted all day. It is not at all irritating. 5 hours after applying this, I was in shock to find out that I didn't have any BO under my arms! I thought it must be because i'm not running around enough or working out , but low and behold even when I got more active it stood up to the test.

Did I mention that the nasty chemicals in most deodorants are exactly what gives you the godawful yellow stains on your shirts? Yup, there's none of that with natural deodorant!

 I was pulling Superstar hand in pit moves for fun. This is what long awaited excitement does to you.

I am hooked on this stuff and let me reiterate that I have tried a lot of natural deodorants. Who would have thought the one without any scent at all would be the holy grail? Though, there have been other unscented ones that haven't worked as well or at all. This one just seems to be the correct chemistry for my body's reaction.

If you are looking for an affordable and all natural, safe, work horse of a deodorant, look no further. It works and seems to last a long time. It's been weeks since I started using it and I don't think it's running out any time soon. At $12 a pop, it is very affordable and worth it. I really hope they never go out of business. Help them stay strong by purchasing today!


  1. How many weeks have you been using this? I agree anything that helps you smell less musty is a bonus and something without lots of chemicals sounds even better

    1. About 3 weeks now. It worked the first time I put it on and hasn't stopped. :)

  2. wow naturally rite i wanna try it

  3. I have a natural one I love as well... people don't really need anti-perspirant usually if they don't have an excessive problem!

  4. I love mine! I will never go back to non-natural deodorants again!

  5. This sounds really wonderful!