Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bergan Direct Delivery pet products Review & Giveaway for a Turbo Scratcher!

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We all know It can be hard to find good pet toys and products, It's really a gamble whether they will like what they get. For this reason, I was excited to have the opportunity to test out a few for my cat, or rather she tested them out. I hope that it helps you in your future pet purchases.

I didn't know what was coming to me and when it arrived I was happily surprised and so was Lilifur.

I received the following:

Here she is claiming her territory.
 As you can see, she was really enjoying it. haha
The black pet carrier is just the right size for Lilly. It was pretty funny, because as soon as I put it down she ran right into it like she does with plastic bags and boxes. She loved it. Considering that she would never do that with the cage I already use, this is an excellent alternative. I guess It looks so comfy and cozy that she doesn't feel threatened. I did put a blanket in her old one, but the cage itself just doesn't look inviting. 

The Bergan Signature series comfort carrier has a very pretty design and durable exterior, with durable handles that velcro together. It has a very soft and cushy interior as you can see, and plenty of mesh places for her to see through so she doesn't feel too closed in. Something her old carrier didn't have. It has an easy velcro and zipper method for the door and both ends open up. 

Not only that, but it opens up in a third spot. No more prying out your kitty at the vet with treats!

It comes in a variety of nice colors, with a convenient extra pocket. Perfect for a leash or treats. 
pic from bergan 
pic from bergan
pic from bergan  
They have the wheeled version as well, which I may have to look into buying. Being able to wheel her and not carry her is a big weight off my back. My only complaint is that they should have removable wheels for this one, rather than a whole separate carrier.

The Turbo track was the next thing I tested out with her. Unfortunately and pretty expected, she was a bit underwhelmed by the ball track on this thing, BUT she loved the scratcher to literal bits all over my floor. It was more entertaining for me to watch her watch the ball go around once and then look at me like "Lady, are you serious?"  Though, I do know plenty of cats LOVE this thing. Feathers and dangly things are more up her alley. The toy was durable and easy to snap together. It can go into a few different shapes for their ever changing enjoyment.

Also, Apparently the Turbo Scratcher makes a great lounger for weird cats.  She would not budge for hours, just curled up into a ball. :) 

Now for the grand finale. The Turbo Track feather stick can be used separately or attached to the Turbo Track. She loved playing with it. How such a simple toy gets the biggest results is beyond me. As soon as I took the thing out she was on it and playful as can be. I was able to get a ton of shots of her in action. She definitely approved of this toy. And let me just say, this toy took has been taking a beating from her, but remains in one piece. That is a testament to the durability. 

It amazes me that she is still so playful at 12 going on 13 years old. :) 

Overall, I loved these products. I got amusement out of every single one. They are very useful and convenient and who knows, maybe one day Lilly will spontaneously love the turbo track or another pet I may get in the coming years! It was fun trying all these things out. Thank you Bergan Direct Delivery! 

These will make great gifts for loved ones and friends with animals or your furbabie/s on Christmas morning!  Don't leave them out! 

You can check out the many other products for cats & dogs here and become a fan of them on Facebook for more information.

This giveaway is for One blue Turbo Scratcher seen in my review. Good luck! 

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I was provided with this product for the purpose of review and was not compensated for my contribution.

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  1. love these, great pix, insightful review..i like the track pretty neat!!

  2. I love your review and your cat is adorable! I am going to check out the dog products because we have puppies due tomorrow!

  3. kool allergies lol but very nice

  4. Very cool, thanks for reviewing!

  5. They have some of the best products! So cute!

  6. Great review! I love all your pics and your cat looks very happy! I love the carrier it looks and sounds really nice.

  7. Awesome review. My cat would have slept on it too...she is 18.

  8. most of my 10 cat's would love it!

  9. I bet my Twinkletoes would love it! Would keep her from scratching the wall so much.

  10. Great tote for naps, transporting, and easy to handle.. very excited at the opportunity to win this.The accessories an added plus!

  11. All my six cats would love it, the one in the picture with the Santa hat was given to us unexpectedly at Christmas a few years ago as a gift for something we had given people years before. We really didn't know we were getting him. He has extra front toes, and he is sooooo cute, he has been on
    TV Fox News on the pet show before.

  12. I have 2 cats & I think they will like it

  13. Connie Lee1/4/13, 5:57 PM

    I have 2 cats, they are about 7 months old. I think they would have a great time with this.

  14. I am gonna have 6 cats unless I get my female spayed! In the meantime, she luvs to play.

  15. Our cat loves her scratch post, so I see no reason why she wouldn't love this.

  16. They would love the scratching part.

  17. I would give this to my mother who recently got a cat as a present from my father. I am sure the cat would like it.

  18. yes most definitely!

  19. My kitty-boy would love this!

  20. My guys would go nuts for this, they have destroyed their current scratcher and get so excited when anything new arrives/gets brought home for them. Great giveaway-thank you! (Raine Dawson on form)

  21. Yes he would go for this. :)

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