Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brush Love-Hair TherapyWrap-Deep Conditioning treatment

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Ok, this was one of the more pampering products I had the pleasure of reviewing. I was looking for a way to get a good deep conditioning for my hair, and I am not referring to Vo5 hot oil in 5 minutes kind of conditioning.
Although I do like that, I am talking about a DEEP condition with the use of insulated heat. At first I set out for a heat cap, because I had read that when dying your hair with Henna, the heat will cause your hair to absorb it faster. Yes, well, that was NOT happening. When I really thought about it I realized that would be a mess I didn't want to make with a white cap. I'd have to manage not to get any henna on the heat wrap and I was not about to attempt that. So, I chose to use it as a regular deep conditioner aid and that was enough. The results were phenomenal and it was a treat to boot.

I've always heard that a deep conditioning works wonders with a heat wrap, but I never really set out to buy one. Honestly, I thought that it wasn't worth the money and as you'll see, I was dead wrong. I would go through the chore of ringing out a soppy wet towel, then heating it in the microwave, only for it to lose it's heat within a few short minutes of applying it to my head. Plus, it falls off no matter how tight you think you fasten it and not to mention it feels like you are holding two heads, it's so heavy. I have no idea why I kept avoiding one.

 Fortunately, the lovely PR at Brushlove was more than happy to oblige with a sample. The Hair therapy wrap is very idiot proof and the first head wrap I have seen not to be an unsightly get up that never seems to stay in place. You don't have to look like the fruit turban lady from West Side Story, and this wrap has velcro, so its not going anywhere.

You'll need the following for a deep conditioning session:
  • Microwave or stove and pot with water
  • Shower cap 
  • Hair therapy wrap   
  • Conditioner or Oil   
  • If you have very long hair past your shoulders, you may want to fasten it with clips or a scrunchie before putting the wrap on.                   
Step 1
First, I shampooed my hair. Then I covered the ends to the middle of my hair with my favorite Coconut Desert Essence conditioner, making sure to avoid the roots, as I tend to get very oily hair. Then, I piled all my hair to the top and popped the shower cap on.

Step 2
Next, take your wrap, unzip it, and place the packets into their designated pockets. You'll be able to tell which pockets go where according to their shapes. Make sure they are flat.

Step 3
Once in, zip it back up and stick it in the microwave. Do not fold it. Just lay it flat. Do not put the heat packets inside the microwave alone! they have to be inside the wrap and zippered shut.

 See below for times: DO NOT GUESSTIMATE. I am not liable for your misuse and not following directions.

IMPORTANT: Microwave times and their strength vary. Please adjust them according to the below suggestions. 

For 1100 Watt: Start at 20-30 seconds, then increments of 10 seconds until desired warmth.

For 800 Watt and below: Start at 45 seconds, do not exceed that the FIRST time. Let it stand for 30 seconds. If more heat is needed, heat it in 10-15 second increments. Do not exceed 80 seconds total.

Watch it like a hawk and do it in increments of 10 seconds if you are not sure how far to go. I have a 1100 watt microwave and I did it for 30 seconds, felt it, then nuked it another 10 seconds and it was perfect.

Once at a safe temp. Not too hot! You want it Warm slash hot, as the INSIDE PACKETS are much hotter than what you feel outside. 

Alternative: If working on the stove, boil 3 cups of water to a rolling boil and dip only the packets in for no more than 5 minutes. Then remove CAREFULLY with a pair of kitchen tongs.

All these directions come with the Wrap, but I thought I'd make an easy go to for reference in case you lose them. 

Always replace gel packs if they are punctured or leaking. 

Step 4

Once you have everything at the right temp you can go ahead and put the wrap on, as pictured below. Just put one flap over the other and bring around the front to velcro fasten the whole wrap in place. You want to make sure it's snug, but not so snug that it'll give you a headache.
My sample ended up being a bit too small for my head, but fortunately the velcro stretched just enough to fit. It was tight though. You can also do one flap over top your head and one around to give you more room. I found that it was looser, but maybe too loose to keep all the hair in. Make sure to get all your hair in the shower cap and all of your head in the wrap.

Once secure, you are good to go. Relax, paint your nails, eat bons bons, until  15-20 min are up. DO NOT leave on for longer than that.

Step 5
Unfasten the wrap, take off the shower cap and enjoy the awesome results. The heat really penetrates deep into the hair shaft and helps the conditioner coat the hair cuticles.

This is not a cure for dry hair, but rather a coating and it works wonders. There is no actual cure for dry hair, short of cutting the dead ends.  Any conditioner will do really. You don't need for it to be a special deep conditioner. Olive oil or coconut oil works well with this method, as well as any kind of scalp treatments, such as dandruff prevention. I think I am going to try it with some lavender, rosemary and tea trea oil next. That combination is supposed to be really good for itchy and oily scalps. It states that it can be used to help dyes penetrate the cuticle more, but as I stated above, I didn't want to attempt that mess with a white wrap. However, I will definitely try it out with a darker wrap. I have heard great results from using this process!

The Final Verdict
I took the wrap off to reveal amazingly silky soft hair. This would be a great thing to do post hair dying. Just use the conditioner that the hair dye comes with or your own. You will love the results and it feels really nice while it's on. Warm and soothing. I just laid back and enjoyed the heat therapy, spa like sensation.the best part about this wrap? You don't have to sit under a dryer in the salon, you can go about your day and still get the results you want. You won't be disappointed with this!

If you are careful, this wrap should last you a long time! 

Check out Brushlove & their Facebook if you'd like more info or to purchase your own wrap for $29.95. You can also find it a little cheaper on amazon, but it is well worth the price. They also carry many other fine beauty products, such as specialty brushes, gorgeous dryers, flat irons, conditioning treatments and much more. Go and "Romance your hair" ! 

I was provided with this product for the purpose of review and was not compensated for my contribution.


  1. I am seriously loving this so much, I really would love this, Tyvm for posting this info. I need to check them out soon. xo

  2. I haven't deep conditioned my hair in so long, this just made me realize how long its been. I'm in dire need of this hair therapy wrap.

    1. It's really good, especially with the cold coming in. So drying!

  3. I have one of these wraps and I really enjoy it. I think it is relaxing while also being great for my hair.

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    Brenda W

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    1. I have Super kinky thick & curly hair and I can vouch that It really does lock in the moisture. If you do this and then put in some mouse or what have you that you normally use for hold, it definitely improves the frizz factor!

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  15. i use henna to color my gray as well as condition my hair. after i put henna all over my hair and scalp, i cover my hair with a shower cap. then, i use a hair dryer to blow hot air all over my head for a couple of minutes so to create heat. then, i quickly cover my hair, over the shower cap, with a towel, in a turban style. and stay busy for a couple of hours until it is time to rinse off.

    1. Yeah, I would love to replace the towel with this, but it would be a huge mess and i'd hate to dye the beautiful white wrap.

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