Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Starlooks #Starbox December #Unboxing

Well, I have sadly reached the climax of the Starbox review trio. I have had so much fun trying out this subscription and hope that I stay on the team to show you more. Starlooks starbox has proven to be one of the best makeup subscription boxes out there. Over the past year they have really revamped their program and offer much better choices. At just $15,  you get an amazing amount of high quality cruelty free makeup and accessories. I use makeup from several boxes almost every day. Especially the blushes and liners. As I stated in the previous reviews, they are gorgeous and apply very well.  If  i've ever been disappointed in one product, there would always be another product or more that I love to take its place, which makes it well worth the money you pay for it.

I'm excited to introduce the 15 shade Palette to you. The retail for this beauty is $99 and it is absolutely stunning. The colors are highly pigmented and go on very smooth. It's also a very versatile pallet that can be used for day and night time looks. 

I love that this includes more neutrals that can be worn every day, rather than all bright colors. While there are plenty of neutrals, there are also a few bright colors, which are just perfect for dressing up a smokey eye, with a dash of extra color. Alternatively, you can mix the brighter colors with any of the beige or whites to tone down the brightness and have whole new colors to play with. I love playing down the pink with some pearly white and combining it with a smokey grey look. There are endless possibilities for looks in this pallet and you can easily get ready for work as much as a night out with the same pallet. I also noticed that this pallet houses all of the season's colors. The deep greens, browns, silvers and neutrals are perfect for fall and winter, and the bolder pink and green are great for spring time. This is truly my favorite product by them so far. Second to the blushes. 

As you can see from these examples, they are highly pigmented.

For this look, I put on the pearly white as a base, the green in the crease, with a little silver on top and the maroon in the upper crease.  Then I used the black to line my upper lids. I topped the look off  by lined my waterline with Starlooks Mirage Diamond Line pencil (Silver color) and used a mix of pink and beige blush from October's Starlooks box, which contained a trio of blushes.

I am loving my Starbox goodies and I know you will too! 

*Subscriptions need to be placed by the 10th of each month in order to receive that month’s Starbox.

You can view other 15 Shade Palettes they normally sell here:
http://starlooks.com/collections/eyes/products/15-shade-shadow-palette The one you've seen today is a special fashion forward mix for the holidays.

Again, Subscriptions are only $15/mo + shipping!

Also, check out their amazing Starlooks looks book each month for beautiful editorial pictures showcasing the products for each Starbox.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Freshen your home up with a new scent - Nesco Diffuser #Review

 This post was inspired by Nesco. I received free product for evaluation. All opinions are my own.
I'm a big fan of using candles, tarts and diffusers to freshen up my home with the latest delectable or fresh scents. It is the quickest way for me to feel refreshed and to make the surroundings inviting to guests. There are few simple pleasures in life and one of them is definitely walking into a freshly scented home. 

Nesco has an aromatic diffuser that makes that possible along with adding a little humidity to your home. This is great for dry climates! This isn't just any regular diffuser though. I have never used one like this. First off, it is electronic and needs to be filled with water. Once filled with water, it heats up and this uniquely beautiful wooden globe emits your favorite scents in bursts of steam. I used a mix of lavender and vanilla and the throw was strong. It filled up my whole place pretty quickly. This is very easy to use and takes but a min to set up.

You twist off the cap shown above and fill the remaining half sitting down on the table with your favorite fragrance mixed with water. 


• Large capacity reservoir holds 600ml of water for 10-18 hrs of operation
• Adjusts for either low or high mist output
• Offers a soothing, ambient mood lighting
• Portable water tank for easy refilling
• Safety system: automatic shut off when water is empty
• Add liquid aromatic scents to the water for therapy needs (optional)
• Offered in an imitation White Oak finish

 I love the shape and design to this. It almost looks like something futuristic. It is made very durable and seems to be pretty high quality. They have other designs in stone and dark oak, but I much more prefer the natural look to this white oak.

Another great feature is the light you can see in the first picture. You can leave this running as aromatherapy as well as a night light. 

I'm completely dating myself when saying this, but the little guy looks like something from Batteries not Included, doesn't it? I think it's too cute and it makes for a very interesting center piece that is sure to strike up conversation. I know if i saw this specimen sitting somewhere in a friends house, I would have to ask what the heck it was! 

Absolutely loving this diffuser! 

Definitely Gift Guide Approved!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Get sparkling and yummy smelling with Yves Rocher's Holiday collection!

This post is inspired by Yves Rocher. I received product for evaluation. All opinions are my own. One of the biggest things I get excited for during the holidays is all the yummy fruity and spicy scents. Whether it be cinnamon, chocolate and cherries or vanilla, I love it all. What's more fun is when you discover new scents in bath and body that you've never tried before. 

Yves Rocher's Cocao collection is full of scent fusions that I have never tried in my life and each and every one of the scents is so yummy that I just want to eat my hands when I smell them. I have been using this collection almost every day for the month that I have been testing everything out. If you are a fan of chocolate, pistachios, fruits and vanilla, you will not be disappointed with this! 

I received the following items: 

  • Cocoa Sparkling body wash ( in the globes pictured) in the scents Cocoa & Raspberry , Cocoa and Pistachio, and Cocoa and Orange. They all smell amazing and leave a hint of fine sparkle glitter on your body. 
  • Cocoa hand creams ( pictured in the brown bottles) I received  are in Cocoa & Orange and Cocoa & Pistachio. They smell exactly like the body washes and leave a long lasting scent on my hands. I can't get enough of these and always reapply during the day. 
  • Cocoa body wash without sparkle ( pictured in the larger green bottle), in the scents Cocoa & Pistachio and Cocoa & Raspberry. The Raspberry is like something I have smelled before long ago and I love it. The Pistachio is also very inviting and unique. A very different kind of scent that is really growing on me. 
  • Cocoa body lotion in the scent Cocoa and Raspberry (pictured in the larger pink bottle) and this stuff really lingers on you. I rubbed it all over and it lasted forever. The lotion itself is very moisturizing as well.  
  • 2 Cocoa moisturizing lip balms in scents Cocoa & Pistachio and  Cocoa & Raspberry. These are plain lip balms that leave no tint, but lots of moisture and a light scent. These are extremely emollient and great for protecting against chapped lips! 

I layer all the products a lot, starting with the shower gel, followed by the body lotion and hand creme. I keep the hand cream and lip balms in my purse for re-application. I LOVE them. These scents remind me of a fruity chocolatey desert, so if you want to be devoured I suggest you get your hands on this bath and body collection! Best of all? They are all Paraben Free

These also come in Cocoa & Vanilla, which I have not tried! 

I also received a few samples from their holiday cosmetics line.

Shown above: Nail polish- In the color Bleu Ardoise.
Eye shadows- In the colors Mauve ancien, a deep mauve and Anthracite profond, a  deep blue.

These colors are very pretty and they're perfect for winter! 

Yves Rocher is always & forever Gift Guide Approved!

Unique gifts for the whole family from Bullet Designs!

Bullet designs was the inspiration for this post. I received product for evaluation. All opinions are my own. I am always looking for the next unique accessory to help emanate my personality. Among my favorite type of pieces has to be the recycled beauties I come across.
I have only ever reviewed one other type of jewelry, made of disabled weapons, and recently discovered another company called Bullet Designs. They create gorgeous jewelry out of  only bullets of every kind you can think of.  This has to be newest favorite jewelry company. They incorporate so many different themes into their pieces that there's something to fit everyone's fancy.

Do you have a spouse or family memory in the Navy? Do you have someone who may have served and passed? I do and I thought this pen was the perfect way to keep him in my memory as the brave Naval Academy Loutenant my brother was.

This US NAVY pen is beautifully made of  Nickel silver and very good quality. It is heavy but not too heavy, comfortable to handle and writes perfectly. This pen is refillable and works by twisting. It comes in Black Ink with a Pen box included. Size 5 1/2". Available in Brass (shown below) or Nickel. Made with Recycled (Fired) Casings and/or Bullets.

Just as Beautiful is my favorite piece of theirs, the vintage spoon bullet bracelet. Crafted with a beautiful ornate design. This bracelet is made from recycled antiqued silver plated spoons, two authentic fired bullets, and swarovski crystals. It will adjust up to approximately 8". It is 5/8" at the widest part of the spoon. The twinkle from this is so bright. Really, the pictures do it no justice!

I absolutely love both these pieces and use them frequently. I can attest to the quality as nothing has fallen apart on me. If you are looking for a unique gift this is definitely where you will find what you need! They have everything from earrings to zipper pulls and party lights! A must see! 

This company is definitely Gift Guide Approved and recommended for Stocking stuffers, Valentines Day and Birthdays. 

Stay tuned for more beautiful accessories from Bullet Designs in the coming months. I have a great Valentines Day feature! 

To find out more, follow their social media and keep up with promotions! 

Get a #FREE Month of #Netflix!

Get a FREE Month of Netflix for Christmas. Gift it to yourself or a friend. I won this service and LOVE it. It's only $7.99 a month there after!

High Value #discount on #PUFFS tissues at #Target !

Puffs is offering their facial wipes for $2.99 instead of $4.99 Only at Target!  See My Puffs review to see how great these wipes are. They'd make perfect last minute stocking stuffers!  

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Giant Microbes is back! #Holidaydeals #geeky #Giveaway !

This post was inspired by Giant Microbes. I received product free for evaluation. All opinions are my own. I love this company and the unique products they offer! If you've never heard of them, see my first Giant Microbes review here and read on! I have partnered up with Giant Microbes to give you another awesome giveaway this year and I'm excited to share their Christmas line and the new line of computer virus's! I never thought a computer virus could be so cute! 

Giant microbes is the cutest twist in science and art I have seen in a long time. They make science fun to learn for kids and they are just as entertaining to adults. Especially for gift giving. It's the only time you want a virus and you want it bad! 

California Delicious Gift basket Review. Plus, $50 #Giveaway!

Keep your feet warm and cozy with #Kushyfoot this winter.

This post was inspired by Kushyfoot. I received product free for evaluation. All opinions are my own. 
I am very picky about the socks and slippers I buy. Due to my nerve issues, I have high maintenance feet that have to be comfy at all times. The kushiness of my slippers and socks is mandatory. 

Slippers have to be something I can walk around the house not worrying if they are going to fall off. Equally, I need to be able to run out and get the mail comfortably. Nothing too fancy, just cute and supportive. With these adorable Fleece Leopard print slippers I have no problems getting around in them. They have a thin foot bed that claims to be massaging for some feet. These are made nicely, warm on cold days and are a treat after a long day. I just slip off my normal shoes and slip these on to rest my feet. 

There are so many styles to choose from and are great to tote around in your purse for whenever you need to rest your feet. Say your new shoes are killing you and you are far from home. These flats will be your knight in shining armor until you get home! 

When paired with their flat knit opaque knee high socks, I get extra comfort and kushiness just right for me. I love these socks. They have a special thin padding that also is supposed to be massaging. I didn't notice any massage action going on, but they are very comfy regardless and great for work socks. They are made out of special lycra shaping material and very soft and silky. Very well made and durable. They also support circulation well throughout the whole leg. It really hugs you there but not too much that it's uncomfortable. Needless to say, these babies won't be rolling down on you..

These are perfect to wear under pants or long skirts and I have found myself wearing them a lot lately. They're great with any of my flats and come in several different styles, such as fleece and fish net. My favorite are these opaque ones. 

Kushyfoot carries a whole line of shape wear, from feet to bottom solutions. You have to check them out . If not just for their very affordable prices! The fleece flats to go are only $10.00 and the knee highs are only $23.97 for SIX pairs in one package.

This company is definitely Gift Guide Approved! 
These would make awesome stocking stuffers for anyone who wants comfy feet. 

Learn more through their social media and keep up with promotions. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

12 Days of #Christmas #Giveaway!

I am so excited to offer readers this awesome giveaway by fellow blogger and friend of  How Was your Day? One Lucky winner will get 12 very unique and useful products. Enter the RC Below. Good Luck! 

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#Influenster December #Unboxing

December's Influenster wasn't too shabby! For a free subscription box I was very happy with the products. 2 of which I actually really needed lately! The only thing this company asks in return is your opinion on said products, do a short survey after you receive the box and participate in unlocking badges by answering questions about the products and other products. Opening up badges earns me more free boxes and it's definitely worth the little time it takes to do! I wish I had more invites to give out, but they have all been taken! If you're dying to join, you can easily find someone on Influenster's Facebook page who would love to add you! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

#Lugz #Giveaway with Kathyssavings!

A fellow blogger is offering up an awesome giveaway for these really cute boots! Don't miss out on this one!


#Starlooks Starbox #Unboxing November 2013

I'm back with the 2nd of 3 boxes to review from Starlook's Starbox subscription! It's like early Christmas every time I receive one of these beauties.  This was a very interesting set of products for the month of November. If you haven't heard of Starlooks or the Starbox subscription and want to know more, please read my past review of Starbox to get the deets on this Cruelty Free favorite! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stylish #Cardigans for Fall and Winter from #BlushMaternity. Plus, $35 #Giveaway !

Having a pregnant belly does not mean that you have to walk around like a bum in baggy clothes, sweatpants and yoga pants all day. Times have changed and Maternity clothing has gotten a lot more stylish. Blush Maternity is a very stylish, but also unique clothing line made just for those with growing bellies who have a fashion sense and want to show it off. They carry so many styles to choose from and they even cater to women without pregnant bellies. Their cardigans especially, are perfect for anyone. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December #Ipsy #Spoilers!

There are only two Ipsy spoilers that are out so far. I have to admit, I wasn't impressed with the last bag. Not because of the products themselves but because of the colors. I don't think they do a wonderful job at personalizing our things. Often times I will get lucky, but that is just it, luck. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

1015 Store Review. California #fashion on the cheap. Plus #CyberMonday Sale!

Have you heard of the 1015 store? You may have if you caught my article introducing them here. If not, you have to read further!

Winner of the Peace Love & Juicy Couture Perfume and Mohawk rugs!

Winner of the Peace Love & Juicy Couture perfume and travel spray 
Wen. B! 

Winner of the Mohawk rug
Sherry B!

BIG CONGRATS and please respond to e-mails within 48 hours or a new winner will have to be chosen! 

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#FREE Crave food box!

Just spotted this in Cosmo magazine. The good guys over at graze.com want to give you an early gift! Score a FREE Graze box to try out at your home or office NOW! Just enter COSMOGRZ where it asks for an invite code.If that code does not work, use my friend code, which will give you TWO boxes FREE. The first and fifth one. :) Code = ALIZAS36P

 Graze.com It requires your credit card, but you can cancel as soon as you get your box and you won't be billed again. It says it right on the ad. Enjoy! :)

UPDATE: I used my paypal  to get the free box just now and it charged me $1 but I am pretty sure that is for verification purposes and will be refunded. That may just be for paypal too.  Just wanted to make everyone aware!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Harmful and Irritating chemicals in #makeup that you should avoid.


I try to stay away from all harmful chemicals in makeup and skin care, including parabens.

#WIN a Trip to London for 2 via @WorldMarket and #DowntonAbbey Sweepstakes!

Are you a fan of the show Downton Abbey?! If you are, you do NOT want to miss this Sweepstakes! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#Win the #RedCarpetManicure 2013 #Holiday Collection ‘A Touch of Bling’

 I'm excited to announce the Red Carpet Manicure 2013 Holiday Collection - ‘A Touch of Bling’! 

Get #vintage chic with Holy Clothing!

I stumbled across a new clothing site through a friend and I was so excited with what I saw.

Friday, November 15, 2013

#Win a pair of #Jaybird state of the art sport headphones!

Are you looking for a new, comfortable, yet fashionable pair of headphones? Jay bird has the pair for you.
These are so sleek and stylish, I wish I had a pair of my own!

Want to learn a new Fashion or #Design #skill for cheap? Check out #Skillshare #classes !

Are you jonesing to learn a new skill or 10, but just don't have the money to pony up for those classes?

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The Allure November Beauty box is coming! 2013

See what's in store for the long awaited allure box! Don't forget to set your alarm to buy this quick like a Ninja the morning of November 19th. It runs out in a snap! Just $39.99 for everything you see below! Purchase here: ALLUREACCESS.COM/HOLIDAY

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall in love with Yves Rocher Couliers eyeshadows

I have reviewed quite a few makeup treasures from Yves Rocher, so when I had the chance to experience more I was fully on board. Their eye shadows are always beautifully pigmented and go on so smooth and flawless. Another fine example of this is their Couleurs Nature eye line of eye shadows.

3 of the many colors they offer are pictured above and they are all very pretty shades perfect for Autumn. You'll "Fall" in love with these, I assure you.

I received the following colors from top to bottom in the swatches below :

Sparkling Gold 
Cocoa Brown 

These shadows are very pigmented and vibrant. These go on incredibly silky and smooth and look even prettier with eye shadow primer. I highly recommend using the primer on all shadows for staying power and more pigment. Not that these need any more at all!  I think my favorite color out of all of them is the Sparkling gold. It makes a great highlighter on the top lid or as a base. It also looks good in the corners of the eyes to highlight the other colors.

Use all 3 colors to get a bold sultry autumn look. These colors combined would make a  beautiful orange and gold smokey eye. Slip on a brown or golden orange dress to boot and you are good to go.

Yves claims that these will last you 8 hours and they are right! I had the brown on for longer than that and it never wore off. I also didn't use primer.

The Couleurs line consists of satiny, sparkly and matte eye shadows. Perfect for different looks desired. They also offer creamy based eye shadows, mascara and much more. If you'd like to grab these beauties right now, you can take advantage of their low price at just $8 a pop! Free Shipping when you spend $40 and they always give free gifts that you can choose yourself!

Spice up your date with Yves Rocher FlowerParty By night

Yves Rocher has beautifully scented perfumes and the Flower by night is no exception. This line  is cruelty free like all of the products they offer, which is lovable on it's own,  but look at the beauty of the packaging. I love the deep blue. That in itself is a sight that I love to photograph. Yves never seems to fall short in the packaging department.  I just love their style. Sophisticated, simple, and never over the top.
 I know I know, I gush about presentation a lot, but can you blame me?? We have to stare at these things all the time. We want them to be pretty.

 I have had the chance to try several scents from Yves now and I would have to say that this particular one outweighs them all in uniqueness. FlowerParty By Night's second new and improved edition is a very sweet, floral and spicy scent, perfect for those late nights out or a romantic date.

Yves's Description: 
'A floral and fruity fragrance with irresistible and delicious notes :
Bitter Almond Essential Oil and Chinese Badian
Base notes : Bourbon Vanilla'

After die down, it's plenty sweet, but with a little more spice that comes through. This is my first time trying a perfume on the more spicy side and I really enjoy it.

The Lotion and Body wash smell exactly like the perfume and often times that is not the case. It is well duplicated. The lotion contains NO parabens and is enriched with Organic Sesame oil. It left my hands very soft. The Body wash also contains NO parabens and is enriched with Organic cornflower water. This paired with the lotion really left me silky smooth. The perfumes are quite strong so you won't have to worry about it fading any time soon! It's a treat to layer all 3, so you'll stay smelling sweet and spicy all through the day and night.

FlowerParty By night is definitely getting the sign of approval for my Gift Guide. 
If your lady lover is a fan of spicy and sweet, you definitely want to consider this as a Holiday Gift. Why not go all out and present it right before or after dining out. I guarantee it'll be a gift to you simultaneously. ;)

Right now, you can grab the perfume for $29  lotion for $14 and body wash for $11. All very reasonable prices for what you get! 

I can't wait to share all the goodies I get to review for you during the Holidays. They are exceptionally nice this time around. Think fruity and spicy. So yummy! Stay tuned for more!

Starlooks Starbox Unboxing October 2013

I'm back with more of one of my favorite subscriptions. I get to show you 3 boxes again and really can't be more excited with the changes Starlooks has made. The full size products were much better this time around and the packaging is hands down the most beautiful and sophisticated I have seen in a while. It is right up there with MAC style. I love the all black and white simplicity. If you are new to the Starlooks Starbox, their objective is to provide you with affordable high quality makeup for far less than the cost of Retail. 

They pride themselves in being Cruelty Free and set themselves apart with a unique touch, adding crystals in every box. It's truly a treat.                                                

So let's get on with the eye candy shall we? 

The 3 blush Palette - $46 Retail. This is so versatile and filled with beautiful every day colors that can work for night or day. They go with every mood and skin tone. Perfect! This trio of pinks is so awesome and the sizing is very generous! It goes on very smooth and very pigmented. Man, I adore these.  

Tender Gloss - $13 Retail. Not going to lie. I am not a fan of sheer peachy colored lipsticks/glosses, but it went on smooth and the quality was nice.  This one is just way too sheer for me. I had to really layer it on my hand to get it to show. Just not my style. You may love it. Also, I thought it was a pretty off pick for this time of year. Seems more summery. This was the only product I didn't love. 

Gem Eye pencil - $14 Retail. Love this thing so hard. It's a beautiful silver color and I can't rave enough about their silky smooth liners. They apply with perfection. 

If you loved what you saw, NOW is your chance to try Starlooks for a big ol' whopper savings of 40% off any purchase! You only have a limited time to take advantage of this! Just enter ILOVESTARLOOKS at checkout! 
Gift Guide Exclusive

Subscribe to Starbox or give it as a gift before December 10th to receive the box containing a $99 VALUE! A 15 Shade Eye Shadow Palette! Subscriptions are only $15/mo + shipping!

I would definitely recommend subscribing, given the new changes that have been made. It is well worth the cost of $15 a month. 

Stay tuned for next months show and tell. 

GAH, I'm ecstatic. I LOVED this box!!  

Check out the look book for November's box. Their photography is exquisite.