Thursday, January 10, 2013

Influenster Holiday Vox box Review-2012

So i'm starting to really get into the tasks on Influenster, to try and get offered more boxes. Some of them can be fun to do and I love to blab about why or why not I like products, so doing that for badges is worthwhile. If you haven't heard of Influenster by now, do a quick search with the name and It will pull up my first post all about it. If you were there before but weren't a fan of the layout or things just didn't work for you, the new interface and tasks are much easier to understand!

The last box I received was the Holiday Vox box and it was really nice! It couldn't have arrived at a better time than Christmas Eve! It consisted of the following products:

  • NYC Nude York City lip gloss- Haven't tried this, as nudes aren't really my style, nor are lip glosses. I love balms though. 
  • Kiss Nail dress- Again, the design is not my style, but the one I won was! 
  • Goody Quick Style- Retails for $12!!-So ecstatic for this one and it works! It cut my drying time by at least half. It is soft to the touch and just glides through my hair. It cut down on the frizz to my hair as well. The handle was comfortable and it didn't make my hand ache like a lot do. I definitely approve! 
  • Real Medleys Quaker Oats- This was OK, but not wonderful. I think it was a little too sweet and that's surprising coming from me! 
  • Eboost-I liked this flavor a lot better than the orange! 
  • Sole Society coupon for $25 off the first pair. Here is the special code for you to get yours now! Code = INFLUENSTER25 Expires 1/31/13 The flats I love are just $25, but unfortunately, I cannot even afford that right now. 

Look how cute! I love the classic flat style. 

*I also received both of my prizes from doing the Brand challenges for my Beauty Blogger box. It was a KISS pack of nail dress and fake eyelashes, and later came the NYC clear lip gloss. I like the nail dresses I won a lot more than the ones that came in the Holiday box. Both items are nice!  

As always, Influenster hasn't disappointed me yet. I love trying things out for free and it is VERY hit or miss, but that is OK. Usually I find at least 2 items I like and that's enough. That's the point of trying things before you buy, to see if you like them and avoid wasting money beforehand! Can't wait to see the next surprise! 

If you want to join, you need a special invite from someone already there. Drop me a message under my contact button with your e-mail and i'll send one right out! 

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