Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Petflow Spoiled Rotten Cat Box Review & Giveaway!

I am always in search of new products for my cat, Lilly. She can be super picky and I have wasted an embarrassing amount on toys for her, that she has either turned her nose up at or uses once and gets bored. Thankfully, a place called Pet flow, my go to for her litter & food necessities, just came out with The Spoiled Rotten Pet boxes! It started out as just for dogs and quickly grew to accompany cats! I was so excited that one of my favorite companies I frequent came up with this and I have nothing but good things to say. Their delivery service has been a godsend and i've never had a problem, so I expected great things.

The box costs $24.99 a month with FREE Shipping, and you really do get a bang for your buck at over $40 worth of product. I have seen other pet boxes with far less and the products are really small. These were full size, every single one of them. When I looked up the prices, the cost of everything  far outweighed what you pay monthly. This is an excellent deal and they also have coupons every once in a while to get an even better deal. 

I received 6 full size products for Lilly to experiment with and the box came with a card describing them all:
  • The Feline Lickety Stick 
  • Supercat cat nip cave- 4 to a set
  • Organic grade catnip from Pet Guard - Leaf & Flower
  • Tropiclean no brush tooth gel
  • Grain free wet cat food from Wellness
  • The Cat Dancer toy

Let's start off with her favorite of the bunch, the lickety stick for cats. They also have one specific to k-9 variety. I cannot really convey to you how obsessed she was with this. I think she'd lick this off my corpse. It was like crack to her. What I love about this is that I can hold this in one hand to deter her from my food in the other. It works perfectly. I am going to need to stock up on these. 

The lickety stick was simple to use. Just a little shake & squeeze and she licks the flavor off. With every lick the roll moves and brings more treat. I know of some people's pets who were actually scared of this, which made me laugh, because she was timid for maybe about two seconds, before she smelled what was inside! This is the best thing to ever happen to my cat. The company guarantees 250 licks per bottle and it's true. I'm pretty sure she got way more than that.

Next up is a Huge tin of Organic Grade catnip. The "good stuff."  I love the tin it comes in too. I'll definitely be using it to keep kitty stuff in once it's empty. 

This organic catnip had her rolling in happiness. All up in it and eating it. This is her coming down from her catnip high. Notice that far off look? Nuff said. lol

I love that these two wet food samples are grain free. For a while now , I have known that the grains produced for pets are not the quality of ours and most of ours aren't good to begin with. This is why I try to feed her sans grain the best I can. She doesn't feast on wet food much, but this will be a treat to her. 

I haven't used this on Lilly yet, but I have heard great things. Anything that prevents me having to brush my cats teeth is a good thing. We shall see how she fairs with it. This tooth gel states it has 120 applications so this will last you a long time! 

Ok, the Super cat nip cave was well, a paper bag, but it has catnip infused inside. As we all know, cats are obsessed with bags and boxes and these are named right, they are her cave dwellings. The company states that it is toxin free, which is great. I'm always conscious about that. The unique thing about this bag is that it is infused with catnip. I sprinkled some of the "good stuff" inside it and she went right in and relaxed. She didn't scratch at it, but if your cat does, the catnip particles are supposed to come out. 

This is another one of her favorites. She completely freaked out over the Cat Dancer toy and was on this thing before I was ready to play with her. It really did make her dance the way she followed the bouncy motion of the wire. I don't know what it is about hanging things, but for some reason she loved this a lot more than others. I think it has something to do with the texture the way it sticks out at her and how it feels on her teeth. She didn't tire of this forever, until...

She plopped over and fell asleep. About 20 min later, she was pooped from all the unboxing fun. There wasn't one product she didn't like and that is rare and worth the cost of this box. 

As I stated above, I have long since been a fan of their delivery service for her Litter and food, but now i'm even more impressed.

For more info on Pet flow & their Spoiled rotten box, you can follow their Facebook, where they post promotions and funny pet pics all day! 

If you're ready to treat your pet with healthy toys and treats, purchase one today! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It's $24.99 with FREE shipping and right now you can get $5 off your first box, with code: SRB9

And now, i'm excited to offer one lucky person their own Spoiled Rotten pet box of their choice! 

Good Luck! 

I was provided with this product for the purpose of review and was not compensated for my contribution. My opinion may differ from yours.


  1. SUCH a cute post! I'd enter if I had a cat!

  2. Dallie Davis2/20/13, 7:34 PM

    I am so glad you reviewed the spoiled rotten box subscription. I have been wanting to try this but was really skeptical if it was really worth trying. Now thanks to your review I am going to give it a try for both my cats & dogs! Thanks!

  3. My cat is so spoiled this would be good for her. She especially needs the clean teeth stuff, but at 17 im sure it would be hard to get her to let me do it.... shes a bratt thats for sure

  4. Your cat it so cute! I want one of these for my kitty.

  5. did not know they made likety sticks for cats

  6. thanks for this awesome giveaway :D

  7. Ah, this is so cute and looks like so much fun for our furry friends. Thanks for the review!

  8. Aww! Cute kitty! love the review!

  9. Love your little kitty! This company is awesome! I love them!

  10. Looks like your kitty really loved this box of goodies. I have two rescue kitties but my kitties don't really like trying new things and do not play with toys. I'd love to win for my doggies. I have eight sweet doggies, three of which are rescues. My dogs absolutely love trying new things and I would really love to win the pet flow spoiled rotten box to try for my fur kids. You got some really great things in your box and I'd really have fun trying some fun new treats and things with my fur kids. Thanks

  11. beautiful kitty! I love cats, I have several fur babies and would love to spoil them with something like this!

  12. Yes please post who won

  13. Petflow should have already contacted the winner, but I will announce it when I speak to the PR tomorrow :) He is the one who arranged the Rafflecopter for this particular giveaway.