Saturday, February 9, 2013

Save1, a coupon site that gives back.

Like many people, I feel the need to give back and donate to those with much less than me or nothing at all. This is a problem when I am barely getting by myself, as i'm sure this is for you. I try to buy fair trade products to do my part in pitching in, but it's not always available. There are several things you can do to donate, but many are not the steady or affordable kind. Well, I've got a fantastic site that I think you'll appreciate and it will solve that dilemma.

Save1 is a coupon site that sets itself apart from others in a sea of so many. What do they do? They enable you to give back, while saving money in the process. The way they do this is by offering you a coupon deal through their affiliates, earning a small commission from that and using it to provide a meal for the hungry! How cool is that? You can save money and donate at the same time.

Coupon sites are wonderful, but this is the first time i've ever seen one that enables us to feed the hungry while we save money on shopping. It's usually the other way around. You buy something and proceeds will go toward that charity.  With this site, you can be struggling and still help!

So the next time you are online shopping and really need a quick deal, I suggest you go to save1 and search for your shop in their convenient bar up top. They are affiliated with thousands of different shops and most I found were places I shop at regularly. All you have to do is click the deal/coupon you want and the rest is done for you. Simple as that.

 Now that is instant gratification where it's really needed, eh? Not to mention a better excuse to shop ;)


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing. This site looks awesome.

  2. First couponing site I have seen that gives back to more than just the consumer. What a great idea !

  3. That's pretty awesome! I love my coupons, and am always telling others good deals to use them locally. This is cool that it gives back too.

  4. this would be great thanks

  5. Save 1 is a great idea. Giving to a person in need is a wonderful thing!

  6. Always looking for a good deal and the fact that you're doing a good thing at the same time is a bonus.