Saturday, March 16, 2013

Arctic Zero Review

Being a diet or what I like to call healthy eating habit  has its obvious disadvantages. The biggest one I have encountered is not being able to indulge in ice cream. True, I could have small servings here and there, but we all know that doesn't happen when you have a whole pint of that addictive creamy ice dream. Even in a small pint, there is so much fat, calories and sugar in my favorite brands. The light varieties aren't much better. I am also trying to cut down on milk and gluten intake, among other things. This has milk in it from the whey protein, so I wouldn't consume it if you are allergic or sensitive to milk, but otherwise it is very healthy. 

Well, what do we have here? A fat free, gluten free dessert? Oh, i'm sorry, I wasn't finished. It contains only natural organic ingredients, it's low glycemic, protein packed, kosher, Non-GMO and fiber filled, with NO sugar alcohols. Did I mention it's 150 calories PER PINT, AND it actually tastes really good? Woo, a mouthful. A mouth full of heaven really. 

Arctic Zero provided me with 8 of their delicious flavors: 

I wasn't keen on every single one, but I did love many. My favorites by far are the the Vanilla Maple, Chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin spice and coffee. My top fave is the Vanilla Maple, next to Strawberry. Those seemed to have the most flavor. I was disappointed in the mint chocolate cookie, as it's my favorite ice cream of all. I think it's an acquired taste. It was just bland, it really needed something else, maybe some actual low fat cookies or more minty flavor. I'm not sure, but it's lacking in something. Eventually, I got used to it and it tasted a bit better. It was good enough that I ate it so that says something. 

Here are the ingredients and nutrition info of my favorite flavor, Vanilla Maple: 


From my knowledge of most gluten free indulgences, I know that guar gum is a popular thickener, so that is mostly how it gets its thickness. They use a combination of whey protein and that to achieve it's consistency. Minimal ingredients is what this dessert is all about and I love that. Plus, you can actually pronounce everything. They really did their homework on this. 

Look how many calories in a serving and the sugar content is so small! I wouldn't go eating the whole pint in one sitting, but half would not do damage. It's even great for people with type 2 diabetes! That is how low it is on the glycemic index. 

I love this frozen dessert. The flavor and texture of most really do feel as if you are indulging in a creamy delight. I love how it still has that same texture as ice cream. Not completely the same, but enough to kind of fool your taste buds. All the flavors are pretty much true to their names, some definitely more flavorful than others. They are a definite must have for anyone looking for an indulgent desert without the guilt. 

The price point is a bit high at $5 and change a pint at my Publix, but not any higher than the really popular brands of ice cream. You can also apparently but it on Amazon, so do a search! I didn't know buying ice cream was possible on there.  I will definitely be repurchasing when I have that strong craving for a creamy desert. 

I REALLY want to try out their new bars! 

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I was provided with this product for the purpose of review and was not compensated for my contribution. My opinion may differ from yours.


  1. yummy the best yummy no milk yay for

  2. You had me at 150 calories per pint!!

  3. I wish they sold this around me, I have looked everywhere and nothing turns up!

    1. You ask your store to carry it , but if you haven't already try some health food stores. My Publix carries a few flavors, but not many.

  4. Sounds delicious! We love ice cream!

  5. Oh these sound so yummy!! and I love that they are low calorie! win win!

  6. Yummy! And low calorie! Perfect for me! lol I need to make sure I am ready this year for summer with my vacation coming up!

  7. Sounds yummy im gunna have to check and see if anyone around here sells it

  8. I've never heard of this before. I have to look for it at my store!

  9. Oh this looks so good, I have never heard of it before but I really need to try it!