Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ellie fitness apparel Review

Ellie's February Lookbook
So I'll admit I have been slacking on my healthy eating and exercising transition. Up until about two weeks ago, I was still eating whatever I wanted to or not eating enough at all.
Then I got serious with myself. I don't have a trainer to kick me in my ass and sometimes I really need it. I am determined to lose this weight that I have gained over the years and I won't let my fibromyalgia and bad back stop me. In fact, i'm pretty sure I developed those from not staying active enough. Or at least it played a part. I can't do any kind of strenuous exercise, but I have a working body and I should make use of it.   

 I wasn't really into nice workout clothes before I discovered Ellie. I thought, my clothes are going to get gross when i'm done anyway. Why would I buy nice ones? I would buy cheap yoga pants and other fitness apparel that wouldn't stand more than a few months before becoming weathered. These feel like they will definitely hold up a long time. I even did the stretch test to see if anything would snap. Nada. 

Wearing these has helped me feel a little bit more confident when exercising.  Not only do these pieces feel so comfortable on, they do a good job of sucking in and disguising my flub while I try to get rid of it. 

Ellie provided me two choices from their look book and I chose tank tops, which are perfect for my yoga.

The After Dark Tank
The Truth or Dare Carbon 
What I love about their collection is that a lot of their selections have awesome backs to them, like the After Dark tank. 

Ellie is like a subscription box, but for workout clothes, and you get to choose what you want! Every month, they have a different look book and you choose two pieces from it. It costs $49.95 with FREE shipping. I KNOW it sounds like a lot, but look at the facts. You are getting two pieces for the price of one, as all of the pieces range from $35 to $69 and I cannot emphasize how comfortable these are. I've never considered calling workout clothes "high-end" but that is what these feel like. Plus, If they last the life of multiple workout clothes you'll have to buy over the years, you've got your moneys worth and then some. 

This line runs from sizes XS-L, but they stretch considerably. I am a size XL in Juniors usually and I was able to fit into the gray one nicely. The black and teal one is a lot more snug, so I would tell anyone pushing XL to order with caution. That being said, having a smaller size in the other only motivates me to want to fit into it better. 

Preview of the March collection.

If you're ready to get that cute new spring workout look, you can grab 20% off right now with your first order! You are going to LOVE March's little Black Collection.

I can't wait to try out the March collection. It is really cute! If you want to learn more, follow Ellie on Twitter or Like them on Facebook to keep up with all the looks and special promotions. They are always changing prices and offering things cheaper, so keep a look out! 


  1. I love the True or Dare Carbon, It looks really supportive. I actually need to get something like this so when I work out my jiggles dont jiggle.

    1. Both tops are pretty supportive. I'd say cardio friendly, but nothing too intense.

  2. wow wow i wish i had ypour shape
    very nice review

  3. I love the After Dark Tank! I really like the way they almost shine. Super cute stuff!

  4. I really love the Truth or Dare Carbon, I could totally see me wearing that when I jog with Isha (my dog), or when I'm doing my awesome weight loss yoga dvd's. I love tanks for working out!

  5. I love it they look great, great review my friend xo

  6. I would be much more likely to work out if I had some great workout clothes. & i could get used to a subscription of some awesome clothes every month!

  7. I cant wait for mine to get here! I am on a big diet and so excited to have comfy clothes to work out in

  8. This whole collection you shared here is looking really awesome and very happy that you shared it here. I thinking to buy alo yoga pants and looking to get a discounted deal. Hopefully, will be able to find one soon.