Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Schick Hydro Silk. Close Shave, close to perfect.

What to say about this shaver. Well, this beauty came in the nick of time, but that's a horrible choice of words considering there were no nicks in sight with this bad boy. I had a doctor appointment and I literally had 10 minutes to shave before I had to leave to catch my appointment.
It was for a physical and unless I wanted to  be mistaken for a monkey girl, I had to shave my legs. For such a fast shave, this did an excellent job with it's built in moisturizer and 5 blades. That many blades is needed for a good shave and I definitely got a very close shave. I was impressed, considering the state of my legs before hand.  It glided effortless across my legs and I only really had to go over them twice. I was pretty hairy from a lazy winter, i'll admit, but it so quickly became a thing of the past and left me with very smooth legs sans any cuts. I usually have at least one nick, but this time there was absolutely none. That says a lot!

I love the look and design of the Schick Hydro Silk. It's a pretty and neutral blue, it moves with your leg shape and it's got a nice comfortable handle for a good grip. It's very durable and not at all flimsy. If you're clumsy like me and drop it, the razor will most likely fall off,  but it went back on without damage, without a hitch. I'd say that's a good testament of its durability.

I do have to say though, that as great as this shaver is, for something that I purchase constantly, the price point is outrageous. Especially with the few replacements you get. I am thankful for those extra coupons that I hope to stack on some other ones that may come out in the inserts. I definitely want to keep using this if I can manage to get it cheaper every time! Thanks Bzz! 

I am a BZZ agent and  received this product for review, courtesy of Bzz. My opinion may differ from yours.

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  1. I also use this razor and It is a must for me, I like the moisture it gives my legs!