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Get a 1 month Free Trial to Redbox Instant by Verizon! The next big thing!

This is the next big thing folks. I am hearing awesome things about this service and how much it competes with Netflix. I'll be getting mine very soon! FOUR FREE DVD's including free streaming for the same price of unlimited netflix streaming! What is the point of keeping Netflix, unless they counter offer?! I had to cancel the bigger package on netflix because of the price hop, but now i can get the same thing with FREE DVD's on Redbox verizon! 

Get a 1-Month Free Trial to Redbox Instant™ by Verizon with a subscription (or “with sign up”). Receive access to a Streaming Library of Hits and 4 DVD Credits every month for rentals at your local Redbox kiosk. Once your free trial expires, membership costs $8 per month plus taxes. That matches Netflix's Unlimited Streaming package.

RedBox Instant by Verizon
1- Sign up for the 1 month free trial
2- Instant, unlimited access to streaming movies

These Special Terms and Conditions, any electronic insertion orders (“EIO”), and schedules (“Schedules”) (collectively the “Agreement”) is made by and agreed to between Verizon and Redbox Digital Entertainment Services, LLC a Delaware corporation with offices at 140 West Street, New York, NY 10007, (collectively, “Verizon-Redbox Digital”) and you on behalf of yourself and applicable Sub-Publishers (as defined below) (collectively “Publisher”, “your”, or “You”). This Agreement provides terms and conditions governing your participation in the Redbox Instant by Verizon Affiliate Marketing Program (“Program”) using the platform owned and operated by Impact Radius, Inc. (“Impact Radius”) and hosted from the URL, (the “Platform”). This Agreement and any and all EIO in the form of Schedule A provides terms and conditions applicable to your membership in the Program. Each 

Beauty Stop Online Nail polish review - ORLY, China Glaze and Essie spring and summer colors!

Ok, if it wasn't apparent from the latest reviews, I have a bit of a makeup obsession.  Thanks to many a blogger influence, I have discovered so many affordable luxurious lines I never knew existed.  My favorite obsession though, is nail lacquer. It's just a such a fun and creative hobby, how can you not fall in love with it?  I get excited for new colors like I get excited for new artist's paintings. Our nails are a blank canvas just like any part of the body and are begging to be decorated. This is why when Beauty Stop Online approached me for a review, I was ecstatic. They sell such affordable cosmetics & beauty tools. Especially the nail polish, which they have every color imaginable in.

I picked out 4 shades of  nail polish, all from the best tried and true companies I have had experience with. 
  • Rainstorm - By China Glaze
  • Castaway - By Essie 
  • It's not Me, It's you - By ORLY 
  • Rainbow - By China Glaze 

Rainstorm $3.99 - This color is a medium blue with turquoise fine glitter. It reminds me of just what the name says, A rainstorm, yet in a mystical atmosphere. It has a really nice sheen and shine and takes about 3 coats to look perfect. Color is a bit brighter than the bottle. This is a perfect spring color! 

Castaway  $5.99 - This color really gets me in the mood for summer. It goes on very matte and takes 2 coats to look perfect. It is a bright and cheery pink. Great for the beach! Color is a bit brighter than the bottle.

It's not Me, It's you $6.50 - A really cute muted and matte pink. This is a perfect pink for spring and summer. It goes on  very sheer so It took about 4 coats, but highly worth it for the finish! The color is very true to the bottle! 

Rainbow $3.99 - This can be used alone as a sheer application. It changes to a myriad of colors depending on how the light hits it. It makes a pretty top coat. I used it on my thumb with It's not Me, It's you as an example. 

I also used It's not Me, It's You as part of my first Nails of the Day post below. It was perfect for the leopard spots.

Overall, I am really impressed with the colors. I am learning a lot more about what makes a sheer color and which colors take more coats. Often pinks require a lot more, but it's worth the work in the end to get that flawless finish! I love love love the colors I got and if you do to, you must purchase them from Beauty Stop Online. They offer by far the cheapest prices I have found! This is just 4 of a TON of polishes that they offer from every brand you can think of. 

If you'd like to learn more about Beauty Stop Online and keep up with their promotions, definitely like them on Facebook. I hope to be back with a lot more colors to show you! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

#NOTD - Pink and Blue Leopard print nails

Pink and Blue Leopard print. I was going for polka dots without a dotting tool and that didn't work out nearly as planned. So I ended up turning them into Leopard spots. :)

Polishes used:
E.L.F. - Lavender mist 
ORLY - It's not me it's you
Sally Hansen - Black Nail Art Pen

It Works Body Wrap Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted to try the IT Works Body Wrap for quick rapid weightl oss in just 72 hours? Were you skeptical? Well, so was I until I saw this review from Kelsey. Read  Real Reviews by Savvy K's review here and enter the giveaway below for your very own!

it works

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Giveaway on Facebook! Ends May 8th!!

The fabulous Yves Rocher is holding a HUGE Giveaway and I knew all my lovely readers would want to know about it! You have until May 8th to enter, so that gives you a lot of time and a lot of chances! You could win the ENTIRE Grand Rouge line or 1 of 5 weekly prize collections! To learn more about the Grand Rouge line, see my review here


What moment would you pick as your "Select Grand Rouge Moment"  Be it an outing with friends, shopping with the girls, a client meeting, a romantic lunch or anything else. What Grand Rouge lipstick color would you choose for that special occasion? Simply pick from the choices they provide and you are entered in! You can also have a chance at even product by entering their Pinterest contest, which you will see details for once you enter for this!

Enter Here on Facebook: and if you feel the desire, tell them Beautiful Incentives sent you :)  

Good Luck!!

Say Hello Diamonds Giveaway!!

I'm excited to announce an awesome giveaway from a fellow blogger of mine, Manic momma of 2. One lucky winner will win diamond inspired earrings from Say Hello Diamonds! Read more below and Enter via the Rafflecopter! Good Luck!! 

I was given the chance to try out a pair of Say Hello Diamonds Pantina earrings. This review is fully my own and the opinion may differ from that of yours.
Lately I have been looking for some earrings that are classy and yet I can wear them every day with no worries of them looking out of place.

When I received my Say Hello Diamonds Pantina Earrings, I was thrilled. They came in a little black box and they were everything that I was looking for. I have not taken them off one day since I received them. I wanted to make sure that they would stand the test of little ones and so that is why I waited a while to do my review. I have worn them out to eat with the hubs, to job interviews, and even just to the grocery store with my hair in a bun. They look classy and elegant and not the least bit gaudy.

Here is a little bit about Say Hello Diamonds:
Say Hello Diamonds Founder Jeannie Manzo believes that everyone should be able to afford the thrill of luxury jewelry without breaking the bank. Her products have the look of real diamonds and her team takes the time to inspect each product to ensure perfection in every piece.
Our superior craftsmanship, exceptional quality and design integrity insures your special gift will last for years to come. Tell your loved one that they’re always on your mind with a surprise pair of earrings or a theme piece. Never forget to express your love for your partner, family, and friends.

My Verdict:
If I would not have known that they were not real diamonds, I would not have been able to tell the difference. It gives me the style that I want without having to break the bank! My hubs had to do a double take when I had these on. That is how real and sparkly that they really do look. The compliments that I got on these were a deal sealer for me!

The Giveaway:
And now for the part that you have all been waiting for, THE GIVEAWAY! I am please that I am able to offer one of my readers a pair of these Pantina Earrings for themselves. Make sure you enter on the rafflecopter below.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Real Beanz Review

I love coffee, but had to take my consumption down to a minimum due to stomach issues and how jittery and anxiety ridden it would sometimes make me feel. Once I found my comfortable limit and strength of coffee I was happy. Now that I have, I came across a great company to explore called Real Beanz coffee. This beverage company is unique in that their coffee is infused with coconut water, protein, herbals, vitamins, energy enhancing  and healthy ingredients. Each drink is contoured to your specific need, such as relaxing, focusing and feeling energized. I really enjoyed all the different options they had to offer.

Buy Now or Never Ring and Bracelet Review!

I am a huge jewelry junky, but more than that I'm also extremely picky. I can't stand thick jewelry, gaudy jewelry and mostly anything that is gold. If it is thin, I can get away with gold, but not often. I have a strong affinity for silver and so does my skin tone, but chains, bracelets and rings have to be thin. When I came across Buy Now or Never I knew i'd found store that offered a lot of what I like. They meet the demand for my pickiness and I'm excited to share them with everyone!

Yves Rocher Part 2- Grand Rouge Makeup Review. Lipsticks, lip liners and nail polish!

I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish lately and this is actually a new thing with me. The more reviews I read from fellow bloggers, the more I want to buy new colors! Within the span of a year I racked up more nail polish and makeup than I have in my whole cosmetics buying experience. I started becoming interested in makeup a lot later than most women. I was about 25 when I really took a liking to the girly side of life. As a result, I have found many companies I love. One of which is definitely and foremost Yves Rocher. I recently did a skin care review for them and this is part two of my experience with this wonderful company.

FREE BAYER Contour USB Blood Glucose Meter & Strips Kit!

Get your FREE Bayer Contour USB Glucose Meter & Strips kit here. Just put in the code: 300 and answer a few questions !

FREE Energy sample kit at 8pm ET on April 25th from FRS Healthy Energy!

EXPIRED, but you can still get a free sample pack for s/h of 3.95 The FREE Energy sample kit goes live tonight - April 25th at 8 pm ET! Gift a friend an energy sample kit and get a friend to gift you! Go here to get your free Energy Sample kit.

FREE box of Wheat Thins!

Sign up to twitter if you haven't already and see if you are the lucky winner of a box by signing up. If they have all been claimed, just come back every day. The promotion goes on all the way until 6/9/13! 

FREE Folgers Fresh Breaks Coffee Sample

FREE Lenox trial blade!

Your choice of wood demolition or metal. If the continue button fails, just click "shipping" above.

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Mohawk Rug Giveaway!

Andrea, from Andrea's World is back with yet another wonderful giveaway and this time it is for a beautiful Mohawk rug of your choice up to 150.00 and 5x8! See her review and enter below! Good Luck! Ends 5/7 at Midnight.

Blogger Opp World Wide: Giveaway for 6pc Egyptian Towels!

This is open world wide!

The giveaway is for 6 Egyptian Cotton Towels in winners choice of colors.
You will receive a FREE Twitter for Posting and Promoting & another FREE link for an Announcement Post, if desired
Sign Ups Close: 4/28 midnight. Giveaway Starts 5/1  End 5/12
Most Referrals will receive follow pages
Sign up here & please say Beautiful Incentives sent you!

Wordless Wednesday: Spring time!

Wordless Wednesday. When do you know it's Spring?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Clever Tips. Genius idea number 1 - DIY Tissue trash

This is a genius idea to minimize a mess when you are sick or rely on tissues all the time. All too often we want to just chuck the tissues everywhere, but that is well, gross lol Sometimes the most genius ideas are so simple in nature, but we overlook them!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dearfoam Knit clog Slippers Review

Slippers are a definite must at my place. What with spills and pet messes, you can never be too careful walking around on my carpet. I won't just wear any slippers though. They have to be comfortable and breathable, warm in the cooler months and cool in the warmer months. This is why I chose Dearfoams slippers to try out. They have a great reputation and I needed to see for myself. 

Rosebud perfume co. vintage Luscious Layers lip balm tin set Review & Giveaway! 2 Winners!

Rosebud Vintage Luscious Layers lip balm tin trio Review & Giveaway! 2 Winners! 

3-D Nail art gems shipped for $1.68 !!

Bling bling for the nails! 3-D nail art gems shipped for only $1.68 !! See all the close up pictures in the link!

Steampunk Octopus necklace, pendant. Shipped for $1.88 !!

Steampunk Octopus necklace, pendant. Shipped for $1.88 !! Look at the bigger pictures in the link, it's huge! 

Vintage peacock barrette shipped for $1 !!

Vintage peacock barrette shipped for $1 !! It is very bright and colorful and huge! See the comparison to the  $1 bill in the pictures! 

Another ZIPZ Shoes Giveaway!!

I'm excited to announce that my friend and fellow blogger from MomsRBomb is having a ZIPZ giveaway. These shoes are amazing! If you ever wanted to change your shoe style in a zip, you have to try these! You can check out her review and enter here or there! Good Luck!

Butterfly lockets, rose mirror compact, key necklace and more steampunk jewelry shipped for $4 or less!

Butterfly lockets, rose mirror compact and other steampunk jewelry shipped for under $4! Scroll down for more! 


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FREE Earth Day samples - Reusable bags, Coupons, Free plant seeds, food and more!

One of my favorite blogs that has been around forever has a nice roundup of Earth Day freebies. Check it out! Get the FREE round up of everything you can snag on Earth Day here!   Thanks Hip 2 Save!

Don't miss out on the extra freebies I posted too! 

King Kush Sack Review & GIVEAWAY!!

One of my favorite blogs, Andrea's World  is having yet another amazing review! Right now, you can enter for your chance to win the best thing I have seen in a long time. A king size Kush Sak. From what I have heard, these things are incredibly comfortable and a great alternative to expensive furniture. For ore information, you can check out Andrea's adorable review here.  Enter there or below and Good Luck!! 

Ends 5/6(5/5 at midnight)

How to keep your stomach healthy- Fight IBS, Candida and Acid Reflux

The purpose of this blog has always been to help people find the beautiful & unique things in life at an affordable price, but it is also about helping you to feel beautiful inside and out. Whether it be through your surroundings, mind, body or soul, and living healthier is a big part of feeling that way. This is why I want to share information with you on different subjects that will help you to do that. Take you on a health journey with me, if you will. Starting with the gut, where it all begins and ends.

I have been a long time sufferer of stomach issues and over the years have found help in many of the wonderful things in nature available to us, thanks to our farmers and suppliers. Especially Fair Trade, who always give back to those who make these things possible and ensure every product is as healthy and natural as it came out of the ground. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Demiflux from Etsy Jewelry Review and 2 Giveaways!!

I love jewelry, but It isn't all diamonds and pearls with me. Though those are gorgeous in their own niche, I often prefer the handmade kind. There is something really personal and unique about hand crafted jewelry from a small business or one woman/man show, and I love helping them get noticed.

When I was approached by Demiflux, I took one look at her page of products and fell in love with her colorful, whimsical jewelry designs. Not only that, but I fell in love with the prices. Being one who has made jewelry myself and bought the supplies to do so, I know what a fair price is.

Her jewelry features very creative and beautiful bubble like designs that she calls "Bijoux, baubles and wearable beauty" As creative as that line is, so are each individual piece's names, such as "Unicorn poop" and "Frozen Grapes" It really doesn't get any better than that.

Demiflux gets her inspiration from the universe as a whole. From space to places she has visited, she uses that as a focal point in her art and tells little stories for each piece made.

The ALLURE Summer Beauty Box is coming April 23rd 2013!!


The Allure Summer Beauty Box 2013 goes live on April 23rd and it's going to be an over $250 value for ONLY $39.99 (Not including s/h) This is beyond well worth the cost if you like a lot of the products shown! When the beauty box is available, you can purchase it here: Allure Summer Beauty BoxI'm so excited!

FREE P&G samples! Always, oralb, prilosec and more!

FREE sample from Dark and Lovely- Hair Souffle


FREE Dark and Lovely sample of their hair souffle! 

ZOYA coupon code for Earth Day 2013-$4 a bottle! Plus, recycle your old nail polish bottles!

While you are doing your spring cleaning, why not clean out your nail polish collection and do something good for Earth Day and yourself? Switch to Cruelty Free and 5FREE (Free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor) To further support our Earth with less harmful chemicals. Don't pass up this opportunity to get up to 24 $4 bottles of ZOYA!

The Earth Day Zoya Polish challenge for 2013 is a wonderful way to get rid of the old and replace it with new gorgeous spring colors

From April 19, 2013 - April 26, 2013 (11:59PM EST), exchange your old colors for non-toxic ZOYA Nail Polish for only $4 per bottle plus shipping and handling. ZOYA will even properly dispose of your bottles for you!
This is what you need to do:

From 04/10/13 – 04/26/13 you can use code ZOYAEARTH2013 at ZOYA to get a 50% discount! 6 bottles must be bought and no more than 24 bottles of polish.

Go to ZOYA and pick out your must have polishes (excludes all Zoya PixieDust™ Collection shades) and add them to your cart.  You should see all the discounts reflected if you picked at least 6 bottles! Have fun! There are so many gorgeous colors out right now!

FREE Crafts for kids. Eco-friendly, Green, Cheap and fun!

Keep your kids and your wallet happy with some amazingly fun and easy recycled crafts! The Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids: 9 Recycled Crafts eBook, brought to you by the editors of, is a collection of great, affordable ideas for craft projects the whole family can make and enjoy together. Families who craft together, stay together. Make toys, decorations, and gifts that will forever be wrapped in fond family memories with the inexpensive, "go green" craft projects from this free collection! 

Just sign up with your e-mail and get these crafts conveniently delivered to you! You can unsubscribe easily at any time! 

FREE Target reusable bag on Earth Day and bonus coupon booklet!

OOTD- Cat shop fever. Kitty Cat looks on the cheap! From Forever21, 10dollarmall and more!

So I think you all have a fine grasp on just how obsessed I am with the feline persuasion. Well, it is very in fashion at the moment. I'm not a fashion diva in the least, nor do I follow the latest trends, but when I see something I like I get really excited that it's mainstream. That usually means cheaper and lots of it!

There is a ton of awesome cat inspired clothing. I want it all! Alas, I can't have it all, but I CAN have plenty of eye cat-ching pieces for more than half the price of high end fashion! Take a look at some of the purrfect steals right now!

Here are some potential looks I put together for practically thrift store costs!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to sign into multiple accounts at the same time in Google mail

So how many of you with multiple accounts in Google mail hate signing in and out of them? Myself, I loathe it.  I have several designated for different things and I used to sign in and out at least 10 times a day, if not more! Well, now, thankfully that is a thing of the past. I'll admit, I'm a little embarrassed to tell you this week is the first i've heard of how to do this! lol Don't judge! Though I know a lot of you probably don't even know to do this, so here I am to pay it forward and make your life a little easier, in picture form!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FREE Fake Out Mascara from Physicians Formula !!

Get your FREE Mascara from Physicians Formula by sending in this rebate form here, once you purchase! I love this brand and do use their mascara, but this is a NEW kind I am definitely going to try out!

FREE Purina One pet food- big sample!

EXPIRED Get your FREE Purina one pet food from Walmart. It's a BIG sample. I have gotten it before! 

FREE Sample of Olay Fresh effects face wash!

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$1000 Beauty Collection Makeover Giveaway!!

Attention Makeup lovers! One of my favorite blogs -Sparklecore- is having an awesome giveaway and there will be 3 winners lucky enough to win an entire beauty collection! Read on for more info and GOOD LUCK!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

FREE Shick Razor! Text and Web Offer!

Text to 24444 and send the following message: SCHICK

You should receive a reply with a weblink to follow to claim your FREE Schick Razor. If you cant get online on your phone, NO PROBLEM, just simply write down the weblink and go to it on your computer. ENJOY!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cosmetique Makeup Giveaway!

Have you ever heard of Cosmetique make up? They have a wide variety of cosmetics and bath and body products and Real Reviews by Savvy K is  is here to offer you yet another awesome review and giveaway. The giveaway includes nail polish, lipgloss and a 4 color eye shadow palette! I'm so jealous of whoever wins this bundle! Good Luck!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Painted Earth Skincare Giveaway!

Do you love natural, cruelty free organic skin care & cosmetics? There is a new line called painted earth and I have painted the town with a few her products myself. Now's your chance to win some of your own!

Good Luck! 

Hosted by:">Confessions of a Messy Mama

Sponsored by:">Painted Earth Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics

Messy Mama was lucky enough to review some products from Painted Earth.  Here's what she 
had to say:  "...Whichever way you choose you can't go wrong with Painted Earth Skin Care.  The skin care 
line is amazing and natural. Who doesn't like natural?  The cosmetics will look natural but you can also use 
bold colors to stand out a bit if you are feeling a little festive..".  Read the rest of her review and enter HERE

Win some of Messy Mama's favorite products!  Must be a resident of the U.S. and 18+

Build A Bear My Little Pony Review & Giveaway!

Who loves Build a Bear? Who loves My Little Pony? Well, now's your chance to get two in one. A cuddly plush build a bear pony! So cute! Check out Kelsey's Review and scroll to the bottom to enter! 

Good Luck!

My Little Pony Build-a-Bear Review and Giveaway!

my little pony

If you have read my past reviews, you know that I am a huge fan of Build-a-Bear Workshop and their amazing furry friends! Of course, my step daughter is too! We were more than honored to review the newest addition to the line up of stuffed friends - the My Little Pony Build-a-Bear!

The My Little Pony friends just released to a Build-a-Bear Workshop near you on April 1, 2013! These cute friends are available in two varieties, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. You can buy them at a store near you or online for only$24.00. This first ever make-your-own My Little Pony plush allows your little one to customize these iconic characters into personalized and unique versions for child!

my little pony 1

We had the chance to review the My Little Pony Build-a-Bear Pinkie Pie! She is so adorable! The first thing my step daughter noticed is the ice cream necklace and the gorgeous yellow gown she is dressed in. She has this beautiful yellow royal wedding cape and the cutest lime green flowers in her hair! The way she is dressed is perfect for any princess or special little girl! You can get other outfits as well that include the My Little Pony skirt outfit and knight costume. What is also neat is you can customize the accessories as well with hair extensions, rainbow skates and even the My Little Pony theme song added to any stuffed animal!

What I loved about this doll was the size! She is huge! I was expecting something a bit smaller since she is a pony and has a little more to her, but Build-a-Bear did a great job not skimping on her size! I also loved how incredibly soft she is! I almost want to keep her for myself! I don't think my step daughter would like that though. :)

Overall, these My Little Pony plush dolls are innovative and a wonderful addition to the Build-a-Bear family!

Now, how about a giveaway? Enter to win a $25 giftcard to Build-a-Bear below for your little one to make their very own magical furry friend! Good luck!

Disclaimer: Kelsey received this product in exchange for an honest opinion. Regardless, all opinions are her own and may differ from yours. All Facebook entries are NOT mandatory.

FREE sample of WEN Pomegranate and chance to win a set!

Get a FREE sample of WEN Pomegranate HERE. Don't forget to scroll down and enter to win the set too!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday! The effects of catnip.

The effects of cat nip, starring Lilly, Lilfur. or lilshit depending on how she behaves. She is my spoiled to the core,  mixed (up) domestic rescue of 13 years... 

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, April 8, 2013

10 Dollar Mall now has NYX Makeup!! Deeply discounted nail polish, primer, foundation, eyeshadows, brushes, lipsticks...Everything!

One of my absolute favorite stores 10 Dollar Mall, now has NYX makeup and DEEPLY discounted. This is insane and wonderful! Grab it while you can, because I am sure the stock will be very low very soon!!

Get $10 for every $10 your friend spends on a purchase, through your link!!You will be credited once their items ship out! Don't wait on this!

This is just a very small preview of what they have right now. There are pages upon pages of lips, face, nail and eye makeup and tools! Nail polish is under $2!! Go here to grab your favorites before they're gone!

Happy Shopping!

Note: This post contains an affiliate link. I would greatly appreciate the help of joining under me so that we can help each other save. We both benefit from this. Thanks! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thred Up is launching a woman's clothing site! Refer a friend right now and get $5!

Ladies, I just got word that the very beloved Thred Up children's clothing line is about to open a Woman's clothing site and every time you refer a friend, you get $5 to spend!! 

You will receive an e-mail when it launches with all the information you need. I can't wait! I'm so excited for a new shopping experience and i've heard great things about Thred Up! Sign up now while you have the chance!

Gorgeous Amethyst Couture ring Giveaway!

My fellow blogger and friend Shonna of Bargain Hound Daily Deals is hosting an amazing Giveaway you don't want to miss. Who likes jewelry? Who likes high end jewelry? Why not try to get some free?! Look at this gorgeous Amethyst ring by Raymond Hak Couture. It is valued at $900 retail! 

You can see her review here and Enter below! 

Good Luck!!

Old Navy T-shirts are getting better! Listen up plus size gals, the Women's Crew-Neck is calling you!

I was in Old Navy the other day and came across these shirts. They were long shirts, so being the hippy girl I am I got excited. Then I reminded myself that Old Navy doesn't really have the pick of the litter, ESPECIALLY when they're $10. Yes, $10! I thought well, for 10 bucks, it's worth a shot at least to try it on...
OMG. This shirt is the holy grail of all shirts for chubby curvy busty girls, but i'm not leaving out thin girls. It is just the perfect universal shirt all around. I was so happy to find such a cheap gorgeous shirt that  I felt compelled to share it in the hopes that I reach other shirt challenged people. 

Enlarge for detail
It's as if these were MADE with every woman's shape in mind. They are called the Women's Crew-Neck Pocket tee. They are long just past the hips, really comfy soft rayon material, with a little pocket. They DON'T ride up! The only caveat is that they're thin, but not too bad and nothing a tank cant fix. Old Navy is notorious for thin material, BUT you will actually thank them in the summer time. You may not even need anything under the darker ones. Also, the sleeves are short. I have bigger arms, so it would be the perfect shirt if they were longer. For the price though, it's a small issue.

I wish I could get 10 backups for each because they are really that good and that is rare for old navy. They are not baggy, they fit your shape nicely and have every color in the rainbow!

I wouldn't stall and go to your Old Navy as soon as possible, before they are all gone. I was iffy on other things that sold out in the spring collection and I am really kicking myself in the ass of my brain over this one dress that is no longer in my size. I should have just bought it and returned it if I didn't like it. They are getting much better with their styles and the lack of inventory is showing it! I have found several pieces that I adore, but that t-shirt is by far the winner! Get them in every color and I'm not kidding when I say consider backups. 

Treat these beauties like your first born, do NOT dry them. Lay them flat to dry and maybe put them on low heat in the dryer for a few minutes on delicate, but that's it! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FREE Camera Mug or Necklace when you get 10 friends to sign up!

Go HERE on Facebook to get a FREE Camera Mug or Necklace when you get 10 friends to sign up!  It's super easy and really fast. I know 3 people who have gotten theirs. Good luck! 

FREE 8 X 10 Photo Canvas!

FREE 8 X 10 Photo Canvas when you sign up! You will be e-mailed the info once you sign up and can then redeem your canvas! 

60 FREE photograph prints!

 EXPIRED Do you have Cute Easter pics you want prints of or any other pics you need back ups of? Do you scrapbook? If so, you'll want to grab these 60 FREE photograph prints! 

This offer valid for 60 free 4x6/4xD prints that must all be used on the first order. Ordered online only. Does not include shipping and handling. One time use.
Cannot combine coupon codes. Offer valid for new customers only. All free print credits must be used on new customer's first order. 
Can be combined with other coupon codes at checkout, but these prints do not apply to print order minimum or maximum quantities for separate promotions.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Amazing Target Clearance steals! Boyfriend cardigan, vintage style dress, throw pillows, Paul frank and more!!

Here are some AMAZING Target clearance steals I just spied while shopping at their site! I just bought everything you see here, except the pillow. I really hope this dress isn't too big and fits me right. I'm thinking it will go great with a white or blue belt and I just saw some amazing Old Navy navy blue sandals for $24.95 that may just be the perfect match!

VERY cute vintage style blue & white polka dot dress. A MUST see! Avaliable in size 16 and 18 only. Only $13.98!

VERY cute striped cardigan for only $6.98! Other colors available in all sizes!

Beautiful throw pillow for only $13.98!

Juniors Paul Frank T-shirt for just $4.98! So many more where that came from!

As always, if you spend $50 you get free shipping or if you pay with your Target Debit card it is FREE with no minimum!