Monday, April 29, 2013

Beauty Stop Online Nail polish review - ORLY, China Glaze and Essie spring and summer colors!

Ok, if it wasn't apparent from the latest reviews, I have a bit of a makeup obsession.  Thanks to many a blogger influence, I have discovered so many affordable luxurious lines I never knew existed.  My favorite obsession though, is nail lacquer. It's just a such a fun and creative hobby, how can you not fall in love with it?  I get excited for new colors like I get excited for new artist's paintings. Our nails are a blank canvas just like any part of the body and are begging to be decorated. This is why when Beauty Stop Online approached me for a review, I was ecstatic. They sell such affordable cosmetics & beauty tools. Especially the nail polish, which they have every color imaginable in.

I picked out 4 shades of  nail polish, all from the best tried and true companies I have had experience with. 
  • Rainstorm - By China Glaze
  • Castaway - By Essie 
  • It's not Me, It's you - By ORLY 
  • Rainbow - By China Glaze 

Rainstorm $3.99 - This color is a medium blue with turquoise fine glitter. It reminds me of just what the name says, A rainstorm, yet in a mystical atmosphere. It has a really nice sheen and shine and takes about 3 coats to look perfect. Color is a bit brighter than the bottle. This is a perfect spring color! 

Castaway  $5.99 - This color really gets me in the mood for summer. It goes on very matte and takes 2 coats to look perfect. It is a bright and cheery pink. Great for the beach! Color is a bit brighter than the bottle.

It's not Me, It's you $6.50 - A really cute muted and matte pink. This is a perfect pink for spring and summer. It goes on  very sheer so It took about 4 coats, but highly worth it for the finish! The color is very true to the bottle! 

Rainbow $3.99 - This can be used alone as a sheer application. It changes to a myriad of colors depending on how the light hits it. It makes a pretty top coat. I used it on my thumb with It's not Me, It's you as an example. 

I also used It's not Me, It's You as part of my first Nails of the Day post below. It was perfect for the leopard spots.

Overall, I am really impressed with the colors. I am learning a lot more about what makes a sheer color and which colors take more coats. Often pinks require a lot more, but it's worth the work in the end to get that flawless finish! I love love love the colors I got and if you do to, you must purchase them from Beauty Stop Online. They offer by far the cheapest prices I have found! This is just 4 of a TON of polishes that they offer from every brand you can think of. 

If you'd like to learn more about Beauty Stop Online and keep up with their promotions, definitely like them on Facebook. I hope to be back with a lot more colors to show you! 


  1. I love the colors! I really like the leopard spots!

  2. Those are gorgeous. Love that pink and the leopard spots are adorable. Great review.

  3. When you are done you are welcome to come give me a manicure. I am the worst I love the dotted ones the most

  4. I love that Rainstorm! I wish I could paint my own nails - I would hoard so many shades of blue!!

  5. Those are some awesome colors! I really love the blue :)

  6. I like them a lot, the pink is one I think I have hiding away in my room somewhere! I can't get enough nail polish, apparently!!