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How to keep your stomach healthy- Fight IBS, Candida and Acid Reflux

The purpose of this blog has always been to help people find the beautiful & unique things in life at an affordable price, but it is also about helping you to feel beautiful inside and out. Whether it be through your surroundings, mind, body or soul, and living healthier is a big part of feeling that way. This is why I want to share information with you on different subjects that will help you to do that. Take you on a health journey with me, if you will. Starting with the gut, where it all begins and ends.

I have been a long time sufferer of stomach issues and over the years have found help in many of the wonderful things in nature available to us, thanks to our farmers and suppliers. Especially Fair Trade, who always give back to those who make these things possible and ensure every product is as healthy and natural as it came out of the ground. 

In my mid twenties, I was diagnosed with IBS, that later escalated to IBD. 

When you get a diagnosis of IBS or IBD, take the drugs they give you to help what has already been done or don't. It is your choice and you may find a cure without the meds. My advice is to seek a naturopath or seek your own treatment with herbals and tinctures, home cocktails and a GOOD clean diet filled with fruits and vegetables and very little grains. This does work. IBS and IBD are real, but so is what causes it. Its not a PHANTOM unknown cause. It is what you eat. 

It is likely your gall bladder, lactose intolerance, a very disturbed gut with bad acid content and/or candida as well as other things. Those are the common ones. I'll leave Candida as another subject to tackle at a later date. It is it's own book. The following info has greatly helped me with that as well though and I do touch on that subject. 

All too long I relied on western medicine and suffered a lot of side effects because of it. I was several doctor's guinea pigs for new meds. I didn't know any better at the time. It took me a while before I realized that the answers were right in front of me and all around me. 

I have witnessed and read miracles from people who sought out extra help. Don't RELY on medications from your GP and Specialists. Please do take them when needed, but don't do that and nothing else. It is just masking or temporarily treating you, which equals what? Coming back for more. It is a business that prospers on your suffering. 

Don't get me wrong, I love science and I love medicine. I don't love how it is abused. Don't rely on others. You have to change your habits. I am realizing this every day. Use doctors when you need them, pharmaceuticals will save your life, but they will also sadly shorten it. Know how to balance the two and you will live a much healthier life.

You do not have to give yourself vinegar enemas and go on ridiculous fasts. You can safely clean and treat your body in different ways! 

This is a very long list of some well loved and popular (VERY affordable) advice, cocktails and tinctures. You may want to bookmark it for future reference.  

Apple Cider Vinegar - Very tried and true. I love this stuff for my bouts with acid reflux. It works by calming the acids in your stomach and balancing it to a normal ph. It is good to have for several weeks to help calm everything. I have had it work in minutes for me. I mix two tablespoons with some Stevia or honey.  It is potent, it's vinegar obviously, but highly palatable to me and most people. You can even mix it in juice, just stay away from sugary juices. 

Pure lemon juice- When life gives you, EAT them! They are very good for healthy acid ph. It goes in acidic yes, but oddly enough balances your acid levels out. Lemon is very healthy and a lot of people swear by drinking a glass of room temperature water mixed with lemon and Stevia or honey first thing in the morning. 

Pure Aloe Vera Juice (can be flavored) This is a very good way to calm your stomach and the acid PH. It soothes your lining and helps to digest things better as well as works as a natural laxative.

Garlic  (Raw) Some people cannot stomach this and I know I cannot yet, but some swear by this as a natural candida fighter and antibiotic. Garlic has been in our history of medicine for thousands of years. When it is cooked it is not as good for you. The nutrients dissipate, but it is still helpful. Fortunately, you can take garlic pills that won't leave you with the bad breathe.

Probiotics- They work to restore the healthy digestive flora in your digestive tract, which has been been lost over time with things like antibiotics and not eating healthy enough. Far more effective than greek yogurt, which carries some benefits but not nearly as much. The immune system starts in the gut and this supports it!

Most of us already know about probiotics, but did you know that there are much more affordable choices compared to the popular brands recommended by doctors? Yup! I get a months supply for $10 and it is just as good as the others! Shop around! 

REAL Ginger or medicinal ginger aid tea- This stuff is absolutely amazing for stomach upsets and has long since been known as a great anti-inflammatory. Some people swear by drinking their own freshly made and filtered ginger tea for arthritis and other types of nerve pain. I have made my own and it is potent stuff. Too spicy for me to handle, so I consume the medicinal tea bags when needed and it really works to calm my stomach. It is excellent for the gut. The next time you have a stomach upset, try it! This is also wonderful for helping to clear the sinus's when you have a cold or flu. 

Wormwood -Something I have heard of recently. For suspected parasites and stomach issues that haven't cleared up after extensive treatments. It's great to take if you have actually had parasites and want to make sure every bit is gone after you have taken the pharmaceutics. This isn't at all palatable on it's own so definitely mix it with a sweet juice. It is way too potent. Gross subject, but i felt it prudent to bring up. Ok, done with the gross stuff! Promise! ASIDE from that, people have raved that this did wonders for many OTHER issues, such as acne, other skin issues, digestive issues and beyond. I have yet to try it, but I probably will soon. 

Don't underestimate natural laxatives -Prune juice, aloe vera juice, fruits and lots of greens. They do work and very gently, as opposed to prescription or OTC pills. Dr. Oz has a great recipe using prunes for his detox diet plan.

Vitamin D3 -Many believe that your immune system starts with your gut. Vitamin D3 has been shown to aid your immune system's defenses. I take it every day along with homeopathic medicine. It is not fu fu science, I assure you. Look up case studies. Again, the immune system starts in our gut. This and probiotics support it. Obviously we need to avoid overexposure of sunlight due to damaging uv rays, but 10 min of it to sink in is ok before you apply sunscreen. you can get it in many foods like wild fishes. Avoid non organic milk or all together if you can.

Avoid a lot of caffeine- I'm not saying give it up completely. I love my beautiful bean and will never stop consuming it a few times a week. Just drink and eat a lot less of it. It's an inflammatory and will stir up very bad acid reflux over time. If you already have acid reflux, this and chocolate is pretty much the worst thing to consume. Seek natural ways to boost energy, such as protien drinks, juicing, green smoothies and vitamin C.

Keep your teeth clean -Brush twice a day and floss at least a few times a week, if not every day. Wash with herbal tinctures instead of mouth wash. There are ant-inflammatories and natural disinfectants and antibacterials, such as peppermint and tea trea. Germs and old food get stuck in your teeth and  gums, which are ingested and effect the stomach! 

Most importantly - Ok, the picture is a bit overboard, but when I found it I had to chuckle. Sugar is your enemy. It truly is. Avoid lots of sugar, processed sugar and most sugar alcohols. Use Stevia, which is plant derived. If Stevia is too bitter, use a little honey mixed with a little sugar or just honey. Stay away from all  the other sugar replacements. Sugar has been proven time and time again to be an inflammatory. It has been proven to feed candida and even lead to worse conditions. It has not one nutritional value, but it is very comforting. Eat it, just don't eat it a lot. Especially those of you that suffer from stomach and pain issues, such as myself. I always experience more problems when I ingest lots of sugar and sugar alcohols. If you suffer from candida, this is the worst thing for you. 

Gluten free -It's not just a trend people. People are genuinely getting sick from this stuff that is basically in everything. Some people are highly allergic. Gluten can manifest itself in many different symptoms, like lethargy, stomach upset, pain and mental issues. I don't eat 100% gluten free, but I do eat very close to it. I avoid it as much as I can and have seen a difference in my stomach issues, among other things. I could go on and on about why it's bad, but this is just the topic of stomach issues. 

Non-Dairy -As I stated  before, a lot of stomach issues arise from dairy intolerance or just plain irritation. Try cutting back a lot on cheese, breads, milk and yogurt or cut it out all together. I have had luck just having it in small amounts, but with lots of fiber, but I am trying to cut all consumption. Eating lots of fiber with it, will prevent constipation. Opt for alternatives like almond milk, rice milk and cashew milk. They taste amazing and are full of nutrients and calcium. I never drink regular milk. I also take a multivitamin and a calcium supplement is a good idea. Vitamin D pills are great for this. 

The main medicine -Don't underestimate a diet full in vegetables and fruit. Eat lots and you will see a difference. Eat very little packaged foods, white breads, grains and red meats and fill your life with leafy green salads like it's your guardian angel. Eat natural proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and flax seeds for natural fiber in things like green smoothies. Juicing is also a great and tasty way to get in your fruits and veggies easily, but It can be very costly. Though, it is starting to become mainstream and the prices are going down somewhat. Organic food is always a better choice, as often times pesticides and chemicals in food will irritate your body. DO NOT STRESS if you can't afford 100% organic though. I know I cannot afford all organic. Below are some ways to easily get around it: 

If you can't afford all organic like me, use the Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 and produce number Rule and you can rest easy that you are buying the best produce for your health. I try to avoid all genetically modified produce and these numbers are my ultimate sidekick. Print these out in wallet size and carry them with you at all times. Putting them in your picture inserts is a great place to avoid forgetting! 

Keep the stress down - Stress inflames the gut and your whole body. It sends signals to the brain to do so. Do things you love and immerse yourself in it. Find hobbies you love. Do little things every day to calm yourself and keep balanced. I try to do yoga every week at least and this helps to calm my body and keep it less stiff. Simple acts of stretching really help. 

I hope that this information has been of some use to you and that it helps ease your tummy woes like it has done for me. I will probably add more info as I remember It, but those were my main remedies that continue to work. Google around for information on Candida and stomach issues. You will find a lot. If you have been on a ton of antibiotics in your lifespan thus far, I highly recommend probiotics, a very healthy diet and VERY little sugar. You will feel a difference.

*Again, if you think that you suffer from candida, that is a whole other subject that books have been dedicated to. It is a hard ongoing battle that I go through, but I have gotten better with the above advice. Google, for more info on Candida remedies, such as Wild Oregano, Caprylic Acid and much more. You mainly have to have a very clean diet, sans any sugar, which includes fruits for months at a time. This all depends on how severe it is, but as stated, it is a totally different topic all together. 

This is not a sponsored post. It is merely my own knowledge that I have gained through the years. I am sharing in the hopes that it may help someone like it continues to help me.

As always, please consult your doctor before trying any of these remedies and make sure that they won't interact with your current medicines.


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    1. It can get really bad and graduate to a lot worse so it's important not to feed the beast.

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