Friday, April 19, 2013

OOTD- Cat shop fever. Kitty Cat looks on the cheap! From Forever21, 10dollarmall and more!

So I think you all have a fine grasp on just how obsessed I am with the feline persuasion. Well, it is very in fashion at the moment. I'm not a fashion diva in the least, nor do I follow the latest trends, but when I see something I like I get really excited that it's mainstream. That usually means cheaper and lots of it!

There is a ton of awesome cat inspired clothing. I want it all! Alas, I can't have it all, but I CAN have plenty of eye cat-ching pieces for more than half the price of high end fashion! Take a look at some of the purrfect steals right now!

Here are some potential looks I put together for practically thrift store costs!

Where to buy:

Catwork Orange T-shirt

Cat eye glasses


Black Jeans

Black Skirt 

White button down shirt 

Cat tote 

Cat Scarf 

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