Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Navy T-shirts are getting better! Listen up plus size gals, the Women's Crew-Neck is calling you!

I was in Old Navy the other day and came across these shirts. They were long shirts, so being the hippy girl I am I got excited. Then I reminded myself that Old Navy doesn't really have the pick of the litter, ESPECIALLY when they're $10. Yes, $10! I thought well, for 10 bucks, it's worth a shot at least to try it on...
OMG. This shirt is the holy grail of all shirts for chubby curvy busty girls, but i'm not leaving out thin girls. It is just the perfect universal shirt all around. I was so happy to find such a cheap gorgeous shirt that  I felt compelled to share it in the hopes that I reach other shirt challenged people. 

Enlarge for detail
It's as if these were MADE with every woman's shape in mind. They are called the Women's Crew-Neck Pocket tee. They are long just past the hips, really comfy soft rayon material, with a little pocket. They DON'T ride up! The only caveat is that they're thin, but not too bad and nothing a tank cant fix. Old Navy is notorious for thin material, BUT you will actually thank them in the summer time. You may not even need anything under the darker ones. Also, the sleeves are short. I have bigger arms, so it would be the perfect shirt if they were longer. For the price though, it's a small issue.

I wish I could get 10 backups for each because they are really that good and that is rare for old navy. They are not baggy, they fit your shape nicely and have every color in the rainbow!

I wouldn't stall and go to your Old Navy as soon as possible, before they are all gone. I was iffy on other things that sold out in the spring collection and I am really kicking myself in the ass of my brain over this one dress that is no longer in my size. I should have just bought it and returned it if I didn't like it. They are getting much better with their styles and the lack of inventory is showing it! I have found several pieces that I adore, but that t-shirt is by far the winner! Get them in every color and I'm not kidding when I say consider backups. 

Treat these beauties like your first born, do NOT dry them. Lay them flat to dry and maybe put them on low heat in the dryer for a few minutes on delicate, but that's it! 

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  1. You've shared my favorite item from Old Navy. I simply love their tees and its one of my favorite times of the year when they come out with new variations on this favorite of mine. I love, love, love that they are longer so I don't have to worry about, ahem, the great divide ;)I can't say I'm a busty girl but they do work for me too and their low price keeps me coming back for more!