Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yves Rocher Part 2- Grand Rouge Makeup Review. Lipsticks, lip liners and nail polish!

I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish lately and this is actually a new thing with me. The more reviews I read from fellow bloggers, the more I want to buy new colors! Within the span of a year I racked up more nail polish and makeup than I have in my whole cosmetics buying experience. I started becoming interested in makeup a lot later than most women. I was about 25 when I really took a liking to the girly side of life. As a result, I have found many companies I love. One of which is definitely and foremost Yves Rocher. I recently did a skin care review for them and this is part two of my experience with this wonderful company.

I had the pleasure to review 3 nail polish colors, 3 lipsticks and 2 lip liners. They are all just gorgeous and I have nothing but great things to report. The pictures will speak for themselves, but I always have to gush!  

"Rose Somptueux"

From left, "Mauve Poudre" and "Rose Nude"

Out of the nail polish colors, my favorite would have to be the Rose Sompueux. All 3 are exquisite and only take ONE coat to look like you put more on. Excluding the nude, but those always go on sheer and it only took 2 coats! That is impressive folks. It is amazing stuff.

This gorgeous lipstick color is "Rouge Vif".  From their new Spring Grand Rouge collection.

The pink shade you see above is "Rose Eclatant" and the nude shade is "Beige Chaleuereux" All from their Grand Rouge collection. Oh how I love those names. I can't help but feel a little like french royalty! 

This lipstick goes on so creamy and has a perfect shine. Not too shiny or too matte. It lands somewhere in the middle. It is very emollient and easy to apply. My lips stayed moisturized all day and the color is incredibly vibrant. No, this is not an every day look for me, but it makes the perfect night time color and really completes a little black dress look. 

  The lip liners went on just as flawlessly as the lipsticks and made a great base for the color. The lip liners also work to mix colors together well. They are very smooth and creamy.

Yves Rocher has yet to disappoint me in any way shape or form. I continue to use the makeup and skin care with great results. You really need to give them a try, but don't just take my word for it. There are a ton of bloggers out there who have the same sentiment. This is an amazing line that really scream high end for not even close to a high end price. It is affordable and luxurious and will be a part of my regular hauls. I feel lucky to have been able to share them with you! 

If you would like to learn more and check out their amazing products, visit their website and keep up with promotions on their Facebook. I really hope to be back with more to share with you! 


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