Saturday, May 4, 2013

Budget tight on Mother's Day? #DIY

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am just sharing my ideas and knowledge.
Mothers Day doesn't have to be stressful when deciding what to pick out as a gift for her. There are so many affordable options that many of us bypass on a daily basis.  Today, I'm going to show you a project I did using nothing, but the stuff I had on hand and a few extra dollars. It's amazing what kind of quality products you can get for steals and deals

My mom is obsessed with anything lavender and daisies and I'm still surprised at myself for not having done this before. Last year, I made her a gift basket revolving around a pampering lavender and flowers theme. It is a simple DIY that pretty much anyone can do and incredibly low budget, but not low quality. Hope you enjoy! 

 I had an unused lavender diffuser on hand that I bought on sale a while back.  I decided that this diffuser was way too plain looking and It needed to be prettied up, stat. So I went online and perused the pictures of lavender plants on Google, until i came across a really quality one I loved. I then measured the square parts of the diffuser and cut the pictures to match. Mod Podge was used to secure them in place and then I covered the pictures in Mod Podge as well, to seal in the picture and keep it from getting scratched up. I then topped it with a matching purple bow that I have had saved from something else. What? Don't ask me. I am a pack rat and save everything for future projects like this. 

*Golden tip: (that I used later) If your ribbon is frayed, grab some nail polish base or topped and put some on the edges where you see fraying. It will seal the ends and stop it from happening any more. 

I fashioned up a little matching bow to put on top of the plain reeds. They just looked too plain to present too lol I also think I just like to match everything. It MAY be an ocd issue.

When the DIY project was done, I continued with the Lavender flower theme by picking up a bottle of Mrs. Meyers Hand soap, lavender bath petals from the Dollar Tree,  a cute solar powered flower and a pretty card from the Dollar Tree. Guess where I bought the basket and tissue paper from? Yup, Dollar Tree as well. There are some hidden gems in there, trust me. Everything fit perfectly inside it and my mother loved the presentation.

I would have added lavender infused chocolate cake mix or a chocolate bar, but she doesn't like when I send the evil brown stuff that ruins her "diet".  If your mom loves chocolate, you should definitely look into those. It is a deliciously unique taste! 

The following products were used: 

  • Tissue paper- Dollar Tree $1 
  • Basket- Dollar Tree $1 
  • Dancing Solar Flower (Moves back and forth in the sunlight, really cute!)- Dollar Tree $1 These are awesome and they sell out so quick! So of course I bought a dozen the last time I was there. 
  • Lavender bath petals- $1 
  • Mrs. Meyers Hand Wash- $3 at Target Look out for coupons in the spring time! 
  • Google picture of Lavender plant- FREE 
  • Purple bow- FREE 
  • Mod Podge- FREE ($8 value, lasts forever and has multi-uses!) 
  • Diffuser- FREE, but spent $10 at target on it about 6 months beforehand.

Total for me: $7! 

Total for you if you have to buy everything: $25 or less, depending on your store prices and what you choose to use! Remember, the Mod Podge and Diffuser is a big part of the expense, but that glue lasts forever and is AMAZING. You can use another glue on hand if you want to, just make sure it adheres well. 

Also, You can pick up a smaller diffuser at the Dollar Tree around this time of year and decorate that OR make your own with a pretty glass bottle, some scented oil and wood reeds. 

You really don't have to spend a lot to show you care and impress them. A lot of times it's the creative personalized gestures they love more.

Happy Mamma's Day! 

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  1. OMG that is to cute!! I love it! And it only took $7 wow! Talk about saving some! I think I may try this for the next holiday :D

  2. that is a beautiful gift.As a Mom made from the heart gifts are always the best.Love it!

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