Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make me up for $25 makeup challenge-The Balm Nude palette!

Disclaimer: All items were paid for by me.

This is my first makeup challenge and i'm excited to share it with you!  My mission whether I chose to accept it was to purchase relatively high end or just nice products and build a really nice makeup collection after a while. I am allotted only  $25 a month and I'm finding it easier than I expected! I've got some really nice basics. This is such a smart alternative to splurging on things left and right and probably never using half of the products.

Mission #1 the perfect nudes for everyday. I spied a hugantic sale going down on website in celebration of their new site design opening. I waited for this thing like a little girl awaits Christmas or her first tutu. It actually disturbed my sleep, because I stayed up thinking that when they said tomorrow, it meant anywhere from 1 am to when normal people are up. Alas, they had technical difficulties and kept putting it off until finally the official unveiling of the 50% off sale when I went mad and ninja'd the Naughty Nude palette into my cart. I got it for $22.95 including shipping!  It certainly is a beauty. Similar in some ways to the Urban decay palette, but not many of the same shades. Regardless, I am ecstatic happy with my purchase and this will make a great every day palette for a long time to come.

There are plenty of mattes and lots of sheens, and they're nicely pigmented. I love this thing for everyday to night looks! There are so many smokey eye combos waiting for me to do! 

 I do have to admit that a big part of me wanted to get it just for the creative design. I love the retro throwback and the suggestive sensor palettes. I go crazy for eye candy like this and it doesn't come around much, especially at this price!

So there you have it. The price was $18 plus 4.95 s/h. The regular retail price was $36!! Leaving a whopping $2.05 leftover. Hey, It could come in handy.

This blog post will "self instruct", now.

See how others are building their makeup arsenal!


  1. What a great idea! I also really like the colors on the Nudetude!

  2. I have this and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  3. I love that palette! Those colors are perfect. Thanks for sharing your challenge and such a great deal.

  4. I want want want! I love those colours!