Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ozeri 12 inch Ceramic Green Earth pan Review

Several years ago I switched all my pans to more eco friendly choices after I learned about the harmful chemicals from nonstick coatings like Teflon. When heated up, these chemicals seep into your food and not only that but the actual Teflon falls into your food. How many of you have had their pans flake into their food? I know I have! This is why I won't use those kinds of pans anymore. Who knows how much damage it has already done, but better late than never to change things.

This is why I'm excited to review Ozeri's Eco friendly Green pan. It is made with 100% Greblon. This is a PTFE and PFOA free ceramic nonstick coating  from Germany. It does not emit any harmful chemicals. The ceramic pan also has a very comfortable silicone handle that I love. This thing is nothing short of amazing and I think it should be a staple in every cook's home. The special textured surface ensures easy, smooth cooking and cleaning.  I have cooked countless things on this for over a month and it still works effortlessly. It is seriously a miracle in the kitchen.

Take these scallops for instance, I made them with just a little bit of Pam cooking spray. Normally, I would have to apply more in the middle of cooking to prevent the food from sticking, but this time it wasn't needed at all.

They flipped so effortlessly after about 6 min of cooking. They browned perfectly and came out sooo scrumptious. Soft inside, yet a little crispy on the outside. Just how I love my scallops. I had the pan on medium heating which is usually all that is needed with this kind of pan. It heats up fast and strong. 

 It is very durably made and comes in a pretty decor friendly green grass color. It is easy to hand wash with a little soap and water and all you have to do to prepare it is season it beforehand. You may even want to season it, for when it's not in use. If you treat this pan like the hope diamond, it will last you a long time, but stay away from using ANY metal on this. Only use rubber and plastic. The metal will scratch the coating. 

There really is no sticking to be had with this beauty. For only $38.95 on Amazon, it is well worth the price to invest in one! That includes FREE Shipping!  You can also get the 10 inch pan for $32.95. That is competitive pricing for most worthy pans. This pan is flipp'n great! 

If you'd like to learn more and keep up with promotions, definitely add their Facebook to your news feed. 

I have nothing but excellent things to report about Ozeri and I hope to try more products from this company. I am beyond impressed !

I received this product for the purpose of review and was not given compensation. This is 100% my opinion from my own experience. Your opinion may differ.


  1. This pan is by far the best one I own! Great info- i think I need another one!

  2. I seriously love this pan! Would recommend it to everyone. Those scallops almost look good; if I liked them, lol. Great review!

  3. The pan looks awesome but the shrimp is making my mouth water! Thanks!

  4. I have one and just LOVE it, seems to be the only pan I've been using in the last 6 months or so. Would enjoy having another one. Truly, truly recommend the Ozeri Ceramic Green Earth Pan.

  5. I am terrible with pots and pans and manage to ruin just about every one of them! I would love to give this one a try! See what happens!