Saturday, May 4, 2013

Personal Creations Review

I love having things personalized as gifts. I think it's a much more thoughtful touch and they make great heirlooms to pass down for generations to come. A lot of personalized things can be kind of corny and not that creative though. This is where Personal Creations comes in. An affordable and very cute online store full of unique products to personalize for yourself, your family or friends.

I picked out 4 very unique and probably weird things to personalize. It's not so much the actual products were weird. No, they're beautiful. It's just what I decided to put on them. I thought it would be cute and fun, but it depends on your personality and what you find amusing.

The first product I chose was the personalized leather covered flask in a cute powdery pink color. I just thought this was so cute that I had to have it and pretty practical as you never know when you'll need a swig of something to take the edge off. You can even fill it with juice just to be a gag and fool with someone. I think this would make an excellent wedding gift, as if the bride is a drinker, she will surely be taking several swigs. Why not do it in style? This fancy flask is made durable and even comes with a pour spout for easy drunken pouring. You can get this for $19.99.

The second product I chose was the personalized kitchen canvas. How cute is this? It is purposely whethered and made to mimic the old signs from European kitchens. Personally, I love anything that is designed after times gone by. I am big retro fan so I absolutely love this. This canvas would make the perfect gift for any home cook or professional cook. You can get this for $24.99.

The third product I got was the personalized kitchen towels. I got two of these done with sayings that I thought would be cute and kind of hilarious. One of them says "Food Porn" because I am a big fan of it and have been accused of spreading it on my Facebook and Pinterest more than once. The other towel says "Culinary Succubus" which I have also been accused of being and found pretty amusing. The phrase was coined by a friend of mine after I showed him a homemade pie I had made. These towels are very soft and nice quality so your message will stand the test of time. You can get these for $12.99.

All of these products will make great gifts for so many different facets of people. From casserole pots to pillows, you will find everything. Your imagination will run wild with possibilities on this site and I had fun making these. 

If you are in the market for a gift and have no idea what to choose or the receiver is a bit picky, I would definitely check out Personal creations and make sure to check their coupon site for lots of coupons! 


  1. Oh my, I love that canvas! The products are so different and give you choices for gifts! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh those are cute! I really like 'em!

  3. I really like the Canvas art work and all your personalized stuff is adorable

  4. LOL, I love those kitchen towels! I think I may need to a bit of personalization myself. ;-)