Friday, May 10, 2013

The Rosy Snail Blogiversary continues with 3 Giveaways! Greenleaf candles, Chooka rainboots and Beautisol tanning lotion!

Greenleaf, a beautiful and feminine candle company that Alison loves. Read her review on "First Blush"  and enter the RC!

Do you crave a natural tan, but don't crave the damage from the sun? Check out Alison's review on Beautisol tan in a bottle and enter the RC! 

Need a cute pair of durable boots for those rainy days? These are adorable! Check out the review on these Chookas rainboots and enter the RC!

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  1. i like burning candles on my dining room table! (alisa)

  2. I like to burn candles in the living room and in the bathroom!

  3. My summer tanning secret is just to wear sunscreen and use fake tanning lotion!

  4. MaryAnn Casey5/10/13, 6:41 PM

    I burn them in my living room

  5. I burn them in every room of my house, depending on the day!

  6. I burn candles in my dining and living room.

  7. I like to burn candles in the living room.