Friday, May 10, 2013

Tree Hut Shea Body care Review - Sugar scrub, lotion, body butter and body wash.

So you know about my obsession with makeup by now, but did you know that body care is another one of mine? I love body scrubs, lotions, polishes, bath bombs and everything else catering to the body. I think lotions and potions can be so underrated, as it can be such a treat after a long stressful day and it's so important to maintain healthy skin. This is why Tree Hut has become one of my favorite brands. Tree Hut offers some amazingly moisturizing and yummy scented body care.

Tree Hut graciously provided me with a nice bundle of products to review. I loved each and every one of them or I should say my body did.

 I chose the following products to get an idea of the different scents, but there are a ton more:

  • Olive & Shea Sugar scrub in Lavender & Chamomile
  • Shea Body butter in Mango
  • Shea Moisturizing Body wash in Tropical Mango 
  • Shea Extra-Rich Moisturizing lotion in Coconut Lime 

Tropical Mango Shea Body wash- It really does smell like an actual mango! Nice and sweet with a bit of tang. This wash was moisturizing and didn't leave my skin dry or leave a film like a lot tend to do. It also had a nice lather. 

Tropical Mango Shea Body Butter- It is a thick creamy consistency and smells exactly like the body wash. It left my skin very moisturized and not greasy. Layering these two will leave you with a lingering scent for hours.

Olive and Shea Lavender & Chamomile Sugar scrub- This scrub is so nice. It smells very refreshing and calming and definitely like a true lavender. It left my feet and hands really smooth. I looove sugar scrubs and this is one I would highly recommend. It doesn't leave you greasy or filmy. 

Shea Extra-Rich Coconut Lime Moisturizing Lotion- Oh My God. It smells just like what it says, like a tropical dream with just the right mix of lime and coconut. Not one overpowering the other. The lotion is thinner than the body butter, but still nice enough that it left my hands really moisturized and I cannot get enough of this scent. It's perfect for summer. 

This line of body care is definitely something I will be purchasing in the future. Especially the coconut lime scented products. That scent is my ultimate favorite, but I really need to try their more nuttier signature line too. These are perfect scents for the summer time and they linger for most of the day, especially when layered with the same scented body wash, sugar scrub, body butter and lotion.

If you haven't done so, you really need to check this line out. The price is very affordable at $6-$8 depending where you shop and you get a lot!

Be sure to add Tree Hut to your newsfeed on Facebook, so you don't miss out on any of their promotions! Right now, they have a coupon for 75¢ off until the end of May! 


  1. I love shea! Thanks for providing the feedback on these products!

    Patti Howard

  2. I would love to test/try this product!