Friday, June 21, 2013

Ipsy June 2013 Unboxing

I have been absolutely loving this new makeup subscription called Ipsy. I can't afford expensive makeup subscriptions, so when I saw this, I did a double take. I was skeptical and waited for the extra shipping costs, but they never came!  The one big reason I love Ipsy is that they contour your bag to your taste through a quiz that they give you. You can retake this quiz as your taste changes or leave it the same, but it is there to guide them in the making of your new bag. 

Speaking of bags, look how cute this leopard print and lime green is. 

Everything you see here costed me ONLY $10 ( Including shipping and handling) and is by far worth every penny. One product alone costs that! 

Nyx Mosaic Powder- This is a beautiful  mosaic bronze collection of colors to combine or use separately. It combines to give a medium orange pink sheen, but more orange. I may swap, because I have very similar colors, but still very pretty!  I have just started becoming acquainted with nyx and am falling in love. 

Starlooks Tickle me Pink lipliner- A very creamy and medium pink liner. Very pretty. 

CAILYN gel eyeliner in iron- I am in love with this packaging. It comes with a brush attached to the top. The eyeliner itself glides on beautifully and i love the steel kind dark grey color. Beauty eyelashes and glue made out of 100% human hair- I haven't tried these yet, but I love that they come with glue. I'm new to falsies and need to try them soon. Beauty Sparkling cream palette- Not a huge fan. It's the only thing I didn't like, but I don't hate it.  This sparkle has no base to it, except oil. A little goes a very long way and you can really play up your eye shadow with it. Could be fun for "play time" photo shoots , clubbing or date night, but think pixie dust. It gets everywhere.

I think if you put just a small dab of the lightest color on a light eye shadow, you could get away with a day look. I'll have to experiment.  

Have you subscribed to Ipsy yet? This makeup subscription is the best there is out there to date! If you join under me, I will get an extra goodie in my bag and if you get someone to join , so will YOU! Last month it was an Urban Decay eye shadow!! 
$10!!  What is there to think about?

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