Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fall Style Trends-Is Wood the new Classy?

Lately, products all over have been taken over by wood! I see it implemented into everything and I must say that I rather like the change. I feel like we are paying respect to the simpler more natural times, yet holding on to our growing high tech society. The two melded together make for a very unique look with retro appeal that seems to be highly coveted.

From bicycles to iphone covers, it is growing popular all over the place. Horrible pun totally intended. Wood is essential in our daily lives and much better for the environment when used in place of metal or plastic. I love that fashion is paying more homage to one of the greatest materials on earth.

I for one find the wooden look more appealing than plastic or metal. 

Take these glasses featured here for instance. http://styleofsport.com/2013/03/24/got-wood/ Very natural, simple, yet totally classy.  These are so chic. I need a pair. 

Wood doesn't have to be manly at all, but it can take on that rugged appeal if that is what you're going for. Take for instance, this gorgeous watch. 

Wood is the perfect look for fall, when we all think of trees and leaves, so I foresee a lot more of it this year!

Check out some more woodsy fashion. I guarantee you'll find something you've never seen before. 

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