Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yves Rocher Men Fresh and Ambre Noir Review

I cannot get enough perfume scents and the same goes for getting a whiff of mens cologne.
Not that I love all cologne. In fact, I will admit that I actually cannot stand most! I am very picky about how a guy smells and sometimes they just leave this trail of stink behind them and smell as strong as if they bathed in it. This is not so with the Yves Rocher Men Fresh and Ambre Noir line. They carry very fresh, not over powering scents that i'm here to share with you today.

Women, are you looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband? Do you want to hint to him that he needs something different ? Men, do you want something different and healthier for your skin, sans parabens? If you do, this is what you want!

Firstly, Is the FRAICHEUR HOMME MEN FRESH line that is a refreshingly light masculine collection. It includes After Shave Balm, Anti Dryness Face Care, Shaving Gel and an Exfoliating Wash. All these products used together make for a beautifully primed and prepped face for a man. Those lucky enough to get close enough to your skin will catch a whiff of these delightful scents mixed together.

All of these products are Paraben Free and made with gentle ingredients with just enough to exfoliate and soften the skin.

This is going to sound silly to you, but I tested a few of these on myself. The shaving gel worked really well on my legs. I just layered girly lotion to cover up the scent when I was done. I used the lotion on a dried up spot I had and it made the flakies go away.

My man friend used a few of them too. He loved the smell and feel of the face wash and after shave and even used the Anti dryness face care, which he said did help with his dry spots a lot, with just one use!  It promises 24 hour hydration and he said that is what he got, along with a "babies butt" chin.

Lastly, is my absolute favorite of the bunch. The AMBRE NOIR HAIR & BODY SHAMPOO (In the black bottle). Men and women buying for men, this stuff is worlds better than any of the drugstore brands, like Axe. It is not overpowering, but instead gives off a light scent that is heavenly to me. I would swoon at the smell of this on my significant other. It has an herbal, refreshing and slightly sweet aroma that will surely intoxicate the weakest of females. ;) I hate scents that are overtly musky and this has very little musk to me.

When you visit their website, You'll find their prices are very competitive and reasonable for the quality you get! The Ambre Noir Body wash and Shampoos that I love is only $11 USD!

Over all, these products will leave you soft and smooth and smelling divine. Be careful of passers by who may stalk you just to get more whiffs. ;)

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