Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Experience the tropics, retro style! With Yves Rocher Retropical Makeup and Fragrance.

Yves Rocher has done it again with a twist on the old, capturing the essence of the Tropics with a vintage flare.
Retropical is the new Limited Edition collection for the summer and it is vibrant, beautiful and unique. The packaging alone is a work of art. I was so excited to review the new fragrance and all the new colors that scream palm trees, hibiscus and ocean. Let me take you on a journey through the Retropics...

 This set consists of :
  • Retropical fragrance- A sweet and fruity scent. It reminds me of a day in the tropics sitting on the beach sipping on a Mai tai. It's got a bit of a spice to it I can't put my finger on and it is very fresh, with maybe a hint of florals, but mostly sweet fruits. I couldn't stop sniffing my wrists and arms and it lasts a long time. Hours after spraying it I smelled my wrists and they still had a sweet and fresh scent. I absolutely love this perfume! 

  • Khol Duo Eye liner in Tropical Mint and Bougainvillea- I have to be honest, I really wanted to love this duo. I do love the colors, but when I applied it, I had a hard time getting color on without pressing harder than usual. The eye area is very delicate, so I didn't enjoy that. It also clumped off in the middle of application. Maybe it was the temp that effected it, but it definitely needed to be more emollient  It didn't glide smoothly.
  • Eye Pencils in OrchidĂ©e Rose and Eucalyptus- This is worlds better than the Duo liner. It is a pencil and shadow in one and goes on effortlessly with rich color pay off. The deep green and pearly pink go very nice together and these pencils are easy to take off of sensitive eyes, like mine.
  • Eye shadow Trio in the colors Eucalyptus- a blue green shade, Bleu des Bermudes- to symbolize a blue lagoon and PĂȘche Melba- a pearly nude shade. There are many looks to be had with this combination. This trio is VERY pigmented and high quality. Not at all chalky and one dab is all you need to get rich color

The squiggly lines are the Kohl Duo. The top two are the thick pencil liner/shadows. The bottom 3 is the Eye shadow Trio. 
  •  Nail Polish in the shades Tropical Mint- a beautiful medium palm tree green and Pink Orchid- a really pretty powdery medium pink that resembles an orchid color. As with all the other nailpolishes I have used from Yves, they are easy to apply and only take 1-2 coats. The bottles are small, but at $3 a pop, it is worth it. I only ever apply a new color a few times before i'm onto another one lol The colors are gorgeous and even more so if you have a tan, because they really bring it out. 

  • Blue Lagoon Mascara- This is where it takes on a retro feel with the bright blue mascara that brings back the pin up style. It also brings back memories of me in my tweens glopping it on in the 90's.  This mascara is a much better quality than what I was used to. A very creamy and non-clumping formula that is made for sensitive eyes. The brush is small and very comfortable to use. It separates the lashes nicely. It think that adults can pull off a little colors mascara just fine. It is not overtly bright and really brings out the eyes. 
  • Gloss- This stuff is hands down really nice lip gloss. It is not at all sticky like a lot can be, yet the color finds a way to stick to your lips for a long time. It is shiny , but not too shiny and goes on very smooth. The consistency is incredibly creamy as well. I love the way this feels, smells, tastes and looks. The color is called Pink Hibiscus and goes excellent with the pink orchid nail polish. Very retro pink shades. It is a vibrant pink and when it manages to wear off, you are left with a very pretty pink tint to your lips. Really I'd say it's more of a gloss tint. It stayed on for hours but the more you lick your lips and if you eat and drink, it will come off. Re-applying after a few hours is necessary, but a little goes a long way! 
The Full Look

Over all, I am really pleased with the quality of Yves Rocher's cosmetics. This is my second time reviewing their cosmetics and aside from the khol duo, I love everything about this collection. I highly recommend the Retropical collection if you want to try a different look this summer. Remember, it's limited edition so you don't have long! 

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