Tuesday, August 13, 2013

FREE Blogger Opp! The Fantasies of Fall Giveaway Event with 6 winners and over $200 in prizes!

Hosted by: Beautiful Incentives

Summer hasn't come to an end just yet, but we can still fantasize about Autumn with this new giveaway! 

There will be 6 winners in the giveaway. I am looking for those with over 3k followers between social networks.

You get 1 FREE Link that is Twitter and it costs $1 if you'd like another, Facebook or Pinterest.

$2.50 if you would like to be a Co-host. I am looking for 2 or more, as I will be mailing one of the prizes out! 

This is what we will be giving away! Over $200 worth of goodies to choose from on separate RC's ! 

Giveaway Starts Monday -August 19th and runs for two weeks.

Sign up Below! 

1. 3 Winners will win a $50 Gift Card to dress up your autumn with a snazzy new piece from 24/7 frenzy. 

See the review here.

2. 2 Winners will win 1 of these absolutely beautiful necklaces from Baroni Designs!

$108 Value! 

$61 Value!

See the review here.

3. And to top it all off, 1 winner will receive the lovely Madeleine Mono cosmetics Set from Cosmetique! A $47.50 Value! 

See the review here


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