Sunday, September 8, 2013

EM Cosmetics, By Michelle Phan. The best reviews out there.

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So everyone is boasting and excited for the new EM cosmetics magnetic palettes, By Michelle Phan. I have been doing a lot of research on things and getting the opinions of many beauty gurus. I've decided to make it easy for you and compiled a list of the best videos with the most useful feedback.

The general consensus seems to be that it's hit or miss, depending what you purchase. Most of the shadows are well pigmented and beautiful colors, but several other items have been lackluster and generally the whole collection seems to be overpriced for what it delivers. You can make your own decision once you've seen the proof yourself.

Personally, I would not spend the money on the full size line, but I may try out the travel palette. Right now Ipsy is offering us 4 small sample items from the travel palette for $10 plus shipping so you can try 3 eye shadows and one lip color out, but it will come in a palette 1/3 full.  You'll have to buy the rest later to fill it.

I really hope that Ipsy add some of the EM line to our ipsy bags when they get the chance. I would love to see first hand what the palettes are like.   Very honest video review with several EM products tested to see how long it holds up the whole day. Very detailed opinion.  Very honest and detailed video review on two different full size life palettes, day and night swatches of a lot of eyeshadows, blushes and lip colors. If you want great swatches both on the fingers and face, this is what you need to watch. If you want swatch eye candy in picture form of both the day and night palettes, this is the best I have found. She also goes into a lot of detail about everything.   She gives a bunch of quick lipstick swatches. There's a lot of them and they're very clear. She raves about how pigmented they are.

That's about it and I will add more as I find what I think are the best and most worth your time! 

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