Friday, September 20, 2013

IPSY Unboxing September 2013

 Hello ipsters. I am beyond excited to share my September un-bagging with you. If you aren't familiar, please go to my past review to learn more. Despite the horribly long wait, due to DHL being well, horrible as a carrier...I am thoroughly impressed with this bag. It was definitely worth the wait, but I really hope Ipsy decides to go with a new carrier. It should not take 11 days to get from NC to FL! For some reason, it liked to camp out in Orlando for 7 days. I know this happens to a lot of people. I feel your pain.

On to the goodies! 

This month's theme: "Classic Beauty"

First off, isn't the bag adorable? I love how creative they get with these. I've never seen a pattern like this, even though they claim it is "classic". Either way, It's very cute and I love the color blue. I took the picture with flash, but it's less bright that it looks. It is a medium blue with the black design. So pretty. This is definitely going to be my mini make up and accessories holder this month.  

This month's bag contained 5 full size and luxury sized samples. Mostly full this time! 

  • 3 hydrating masks by Freeman Beauty. Full Size price per pack: $1.99 X 3. I have seen these all over and have actually wanted to try them, but hesitant because of my sensitive skin.
  • Starlooks Kohl liner in Obsidian. Full Size Price: $12. Bit too pricey for a liner, but I don't know. I'm iffy. This is basically a deep black. It goes on awesomely smooth and you can get a pretty thin line from it. I really like it, even though I usually gravitate toward gel liner now. See swatches for detail. 
  • Nyx eye shadow in Charcoal. Full Size Price: $4.50. I LOVE this color and I was hoping so hard I would get this one. This is perfect for a smokey eye. I would definitely repurchase in other colors. Very deep and it has a ton of sparkle. A little goes a very long way. See swatch for detail. 
  •  Elizabeth Mott "It's So Big" Volumizing mascara (sample size) Full Size Price: $20!  Second time in a row I've gotten a mascara, but I'm not complaining. Mascara is expensive and i'm really not too picky about mine. This is nothing special. It is very black, which I like though and doesn't clump. It doesn't really add volume that I can see, but definitely length. I'm a fan, but I would never pay the full size price. 
  • Big Apple Tinted Lip Balm by Cailyn. Full Size Price: $19! Second Cailyn product and I am loving this brand. The last product I got was a gel liner, which I absolutely love and I love their unique easy to use packaging! I would probably repurchase. It is a bit pricey full size, but wow at the payoff! It is extremely pigmented. This is called a lipbalm, but it is VERY matte and dries fast. Far from a lipbalm. This works amazing alone, but nothing like a lipbalm. I am going to try to layer some lipbalm on top and see how that works out. It is a true BRIGHT red and really very pretty with pale skin. This is that classic red from the 50's. 
  • BONUS item was a teeny sample of EM cosmetics, which I'm thankful for! They were selling a small sample size starter for $10, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it.  Bottom right corner of the picture collage. From "The Life Palette" - "Look for Natural Talent" - 3 natural eye shadows and 1 blush. I'll have to do a separate post on them. I'll probably use them with my classic look i'll be doing later. 
So you see how much you get for just $10 a month? Am I right to freak out? I think it's warranted! 

If you'd like to learn more about EM Cosmetics and see what everyone is saying about it, I compiled an overview and list of the best tutorials I have found. You can see that here: 

And now it's time for Eye Candy! 
 Big Apple and Obsidian


Have you subscribed yet or still thinking about it? There's nothing to think about! Trust me, I am very picky and won't spend much on these things, but It is $10 a month, including shipping and handling! 5 full size well known brand name products that aren't from the drugstore? For 10 bucks? I hope I've convinced you because If I can get just 2 of you to sign up, I will receive a free product in my next bag. This is often high end. Think Urban Decay and Butter London, which were the last two! Of course, if you get 2 of your friends signed up, you will too!! 

Hurry up and get on the waiting list through me. Who knows how long this miracle will last! 

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  1. That sounds like the perfect bag for a night out on the town!