Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The History of Chairs. Then versus Now.

As you can see displayed above, chairs have gone through quite an interesting history of changes. changes I honestly never knew about until now. Sure chairs have a history, everything does, but did i think that they had an interesting past? Nope. I didn't have a clue how wheels on chairs came about. Did you know that Charles Darwin was the first to invent that to get to his specimens in his study quicker? I bet you didn't! Once very primitive and now so ornate and beautiful in every design imaginable, chairs are contoured to suit every person's wants and needs.

We've gone from essentially rocks, mounds and hills to the kind of art and comfort we rely on today. I for one am glad i'm not stuck in the olden days where it was just wood slapped together with a cushion on top.

There have been many changes in the history of the chair and now, they are much more comfortable than before. Though there a lot of chairs out there, it may not be so easy to find the exact one you are looking for. Maybe you want a unique design or something extra cushy.

When I look for chairs, I look for the kind of comfort that isn't perfected over night.  The best out there from a company I can trust. A proven brand that has been around a long time.

Serrano's furniture is Family owned since 1986 so I am guessing they have plenty of experience, Given that they've been around so long. They must know a lot about a customer's desires.

If you are in the market for new furniture, I suggest you try out a brand like them,  that has been around and has a history. Check out the testimonials from satisfied customers!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post that I was compensated to facilitate.

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