Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ipsy October 2013 Spoilers!

Lots of spoilers to reveal already! Maybe this means Ipsy is shipping earlier this time?! We can hope! 

If you haven't tried Ipsy yet, see my September review here. Or just read below for more info!


Spoiler 1

What you see here is none other than Zoya nail polish. I know those bottles anywhere! 

The colors showing have been confirmed as Zoya Giovanna, Neve and Mason!

 Spoiler 2
 From Ipsy: "It’s easy to create timeless works of art when you have these products at your fingertips. Some of our subscribers will receive at least one one of these products in their October Glam Bag!"

Some guesses on what these might be. If you have been a subscriber for a while, then you know that ipsy sticks with the same name brands a lot of the time. This helps narrow down what things might be when the clues are hard to pinpoint! 

  •   I'm almost 100% that the pencil is the Star looks Lip Pencil $12 the two different pink shades next to it obviously mean you will get one color or the other. 
  •  The navy blue pot of eye shadow is probably Mica Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow $10, as they have worked with them before! It could be another brand, but with that size and shape it probably is.

 Spoiler 3 

More hair products :/

From Ipsy: "All subscribers will receive at least one of these products, which are well-suited for making a big, bold statement!"

Since Ipsy has worked with the brand Sexy Hair before, these bottles indicate some people will be getting them again. The red bottle looks like the Blow dry volumizing gel $16.95 and the black, the Sexy highlight hair spray $10.19, which i'm not sure what that is exactly. Probably something that brings out your color.

Spoiler 4

From Ipsy:"Some of our subscribers will get the chance to release their inner artist with the help of at least one of these colorful products. Check back this afternoon for another sneak peek!"
  • The product on the right is obviously Lip Gloss, but I have no idea who from. Maybe Pixi or maybe Juice Beauty again? 
Update: Buxum lipgloss is the general consensus. hmmm...
  • The top is a nail wearing what most think is Butter London's La Moss manicure. 
  • Under the finger is some sort of puff or sponge thingamabob. No clue. A foundation applicator would be awesome.
  •  The half a circle above left looks a lot like the Wet n Wild Fergie Eye Shadow Palette in Desert Festival, BUT the two different blush colors indicate maybe it's something else.
  • Some people on the Facebook Ipsy page think that the burgundy blur in the corner is  La Fresh Oil Free Face Cleanser Wipes. I agree!
  •  The eye shadow brush im pretty positive is from Starlooks
Spoiler 5 
From Ipsy: "Some of our subscribers will receive one of these products, which are each perfect for prepping a blank canvas."

I honestly haven't a clue about this one. I am guessing a facial and eye primer from the description...

Spoiler 6 

And a sneak peak of the bag! 

Spoiler 7 

From Ipsy: "Some of our subscribers will receive this super sweet product, the perfect reward for a long week of creative pursuits." 

The general concenus is that this is Be Delectable by: Cake Beauty hand cream and it just might be! 

So far, we can expect some of the following in our bag:
  • Zoya Nail Polish. One of the three colors.
  • 100% Pure Dead Sea Coconut Body Lotion
  •  H2O Plus Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.
  • Big Sexy Hair Blow Dry Volumizing Gel
  • Sexy Hair highlighter spray
  • Mica Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow
  • Starlooks Lip Pencil
  • Pixi sheer cheekgel
  • Starlooks eye shadow brush
  • La Fresh Oil Free Face Cleanser wipes
  • Wet n Wild Fergie Eye Shadow Palette in Desert Festival
  •  Butter London's La Moss
  •  Pixi, Juice Beauty, Buxom or other lip gloss?
  • eye or face primer?
  • Cake beauty- Be delectable?
Cannot wait for the clue as to what the bag looks like. Maybe something Halloweenified?! 

If you haven't joined yet, it's only $10 a month!  Feel free to use my link to get on the waiting list!  For every two friends you get to sign up, you get a free high end or drugstore full size product in your bag that month!

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