Sunday, November 24, 2013

#FREE Crave food box!

Just spotted this in Cosmo magazine. The good guys over at want to give you an early gift! Score a FREE Graze box to try out at your home or office NOW! Just enter COSMOGRZ where it asks for an invite code.If that code does not work, use my friend code, which will give you TWO boxes FREE. The first and fifth one. :) Code = ALIZAS36P It requires your credit card, but you can cancel as soon as you get your box and you won't be billed again. It says it right on the ad. Enjoy! :)

UPDATE: I used my paypal  to get the free box just now and it charged me $1 but I am pretty sure that is for verification purposes and will be refunded. That may just be for paypal too.  Just wanted to make everyone aware!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Harmful and Irritating chemicals in #makeup that you should avoid.


I try to stay away from all harmful chemicals in makeup and skin care, including parabens.

#WIN a Trip to London for 2 via @WorldMarket and #DowntonAbbey Sweepstakes!

Are you a fan of the show Downton Abbey?! If you are, you do NOT want to miss this Sweepstakes! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#Win the #RedCarpetManicure 2013 #Holiday Collection ‘A Touch of Bling’

 I'm excited to announce the Red Carpet Manicure 2013 Holiday Collection - ‘A Touch of Bling’! 

Get #vintage chic with Holy Clothing!

I stumbled across a new clothing site through a friend and I was so excited with what I saw.

Friday, November 15, 2013

#Win a pair of #Jaybird state of the art sport headphones!

Are you looking for a new, comfortable, yet fashionable pair of headphones? Jay bird has the pair for you.
These are so sleek and stylish, I wish I had a pair of my own!

Want to learn a new Fashion or #Design #skill for cheap? Check out #Skillshare #classes !

Are you jonesing to learn a new skill or 10, but just don't have the money to pony up for those classes?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Allure November Beauty box is coming! 2013

See what's in store for the long awaited allure box! Don't forget to set your alarm to buy this quick like a Ninja the morning of November 19th. It runs out in a snap! Just $39.99 for everything you see below! Purchase here: ALLUREACCESS.COM/HOLIDAY

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall in love with Yves Rocher Couliers eyeshadows

I have reviewed quite a few makeup treasures from Yves Rocher, so when I had the chance to experience more I was fully on board. Their eye shadows are always beautifully pigmented and go on so smooth and flawless. Another fine example of this is their Couleurs Nature eye line of eye shadows.

3 of the many colors they offer are pictured above and they are all very pretty shades perfect for Autumn. You'll "Fall" in love with these, I assure you.

I received the following colors from top to bottom in the swatches below :

Sparkling Gold 
Cocoa Brown 

These shadows are very pigmented and vibrant. These go on incredibly silky and smooth and look even prettier with eye shadow primer. I highly recommend using the primer on all shadows for staying power and more pigment. Not that these need any more at all!  I think my favorite color out of all of them is the Sparkling gold. It makes a great highlighter on the top lid or as a base. It also looks good in the corners of the eyes to highlight the other colors.

Use all 3 colors to get a bold sultry autumn look. These colors combined would make a  beautiful orange and gold smokey eye. Slip on a brown or golden orange dress to boot and you are good to go.

Yves claims that these will last you 8 hours and they are right! I had the brown on for longer than that and it never wore off. I also didn't use primer.

The Couleurs line consists of satiny, sparkly and matte eye shadows. Perfect for different looks desired. They also offer creamy based eye shadows, mascara and much more. If you'd like to grab these beauties right now, you can take advantage of their low price at just $8 a pop! Free Shipping when you spend $40 and they always give free gifts that you can choose yourself!

Spice up your date with Yves Rocher FlowerParty By night

Yves Rocher has beautifully scented perfumes and the Flower by night is no exception. This line  is cruelty free like all of the products they offer, which is lovable on it's own,  but look at the beauty of the packaging. I love the deep blue. That in itself is a sight that I love to photograph. Yves never seems to fall short in the packaging department.  I just love their style. Sophisticated, simple, and never over the top.
 I know I know, I gush about presentation a lot, but can you blame me?? We have to stare at these things all the time. We want them to be pretty.

 I have had the chance to try several scents from Yves now and I would have to say that this particular one outweighs them all in uniqueness. FlowerParty By Night's second new and improved edition is a very sweet, floral and spicy scent, perfect for those late nights out or a romantic date.

Yves's Description: 
'A floral and fruity fragrance with irresistible and delicious notes :
Bitter Almond Essential Oil and Chinese Badian
Base notes : Bourbon Vanilla'

After die down, it's plenty sweet, but with a little more spice that comes through. This is my first time trying a perfume on the more spicy side and I really enjoy it.

The Lotion and Body wash smell exactly like the perfume and often times that is not the case. It is well duplicated. The lotion contains NO parabens and is enriched with Organic Sesame oil. It left my hands very soft. The Body wash also contains NO parabens and is enriched with Organic cornflower water. This paired with the lotion really left me silky smooth. The perfumes are quite strong so you won't have to worry about it fading any time soon! It's a treat to layer all 3, so you'll stay smelling sweet and spicy all through the day and night.

FlowerParty By night is definitely getting the sign of approval for my Gift Guide. 
If your lady lover is a fan of spicy and sweet, you definitely want to consider this as a Holiday Gift. Why not go all out and present it right before or after dining out. I guarantee it'll be a gift to you simultaneously. ;)

Right now, you can grab the perfume for $29  lotion for $14 and body wash for $11. All very reasonable prices for what you get! 

I can't wait to share all the goodies I get to review for you during the Holidays. They are exceptionally nice this time around. Think fruity and spicy. So yummy! Stay tuned for more!

Starlooks Starbox Unboxing October 2013

I'm back with more of one of my favorite subscriptions. I get to show you 3 boxes again and really can't be more excited with the changes Starlooks has made. The full size products were much better this time around and the packaging is hands down the most beautiful and sophisticated I have seen in a while. It is right up there with MAC style. I love the all black and white simplicity. If you are new to the Starlooks Starbox, their objective is to provide you with affordable high quality makeup for far less than the cost of Retail. 

They pride themselves in being Cruelty Free and set themselves apart with a unique touch, adding crystals in every box. It's truly a treat.                                                

So let's get on with the eye candy shall we? 

The 3 blush Palette - $46 Retail. This is so versatile and filled with beautiful every day colors that can work for night or day. They go with every mood and skin tone. Perfect! This trio of pinks is so awesome and the sizing is very generous! It goes on very smooth and very pigmented. Man, I adore these.  

Tender Gloss - $13 Retail. Not going to lie. I am not a fan of sheer peachy colored lipsticks/glosses, but it went on smooth and the quality was nice.  This one is just way too sheer for me. I had to really layer it on my hand to get it to show. Just not my style. You may love it. Also, I thought it was a pretty off pick for this time of year. Seems more summery. This was the only product I didn't love. 

Gem Eye pencil - $14 Retail. Love this thing so hard. It's a beautiful silver color and I can't rave enough about their silky smooth liners. They apply with perfection. 

If you loved what you saw, NOW is your chance to try Starlooks for a big ol' whopper savings of 40% off any purchase! You only have a limited time to take advantage of this! Just enter ILOVESTARLOOKS at checkout! 
Gift Guide Exclusive

Subscribe to Starbox or give it as a gift before December 10th to receive the box containing a $99 VALUE! A 15 Shade Eye Shadow Palette! Subscriptions are only $15/mo + shipping!

I would definitely recommend subscribing, given the new changes that have been made. It is well worth the cost of $15 a month. 

Stay tuned for next months show and tell. 

GAH, I'm ecstatic. I LOVED this box!!  

Check out the look book for November's box. Their photography is exquisite.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tmart Necklace Review

I had the chance to try out a couple products from a store I discovered called T-mart. They carry a wide variety, of fashion, home decor and accessories and discount prices. There are a lot of unique things to be had and I enjoyed browsing. Finally, I settled on a wallet and a necklace.

I don't have all bad things to say, but unfortunately I have to be honest about one of the items. The wallet was not how it was pictured online or I expected it to be. So I forgo-ed reviewing that. The necklace however, was great for the price, which was only $3.59 plus Shipping and handling.

More about the wallet. It was much brighter in person and it was defective in that part of it was coming apart where the metal holds it together. When I expect to get something new, I accept to get it without damage, unless forewarned of the damage and why it was discounted. This did not occur with T-mart.

The only praise I can give is on the necklace and of course I am bias because I love cats. I like how the tail spirals and all the "bling" that makes up the body. I think this would make a great gift.

The shipping wasn't as fast as i'd like so bear that in mind. It also wasn't slow as grass growing. Just not ideal. The shipping costs however are tantamount to fair.

The winners for the Go Go Pillow and General Mills Gift Packs are....

Congrats! Check your e-mails and reply within 45 hours or a new winner will be chosen! 

$25 Publix GC
Stephanie E.

$10 Publix GC & BC Gift Pack
Lanicsha W.

GoGo Pillow for Tablets 
Sally S.

$10 Publix GC & Old El Paso Gift Pack
Julie M.