Sunday, November 24, 2013

#FREE Crave food box!

Just spotted this in Cosmo magazine. The good guys over at want to give you an early gift! Score a FREE Graze box to try out at your home or office NOW! Just enter COSMOGRZ where it asks for an invite code.If that code does not work, use my friend code, which will give you TWO boxes FREE. The first and fifth one. :) Code = ALIZAS36P It requires your credit card, but you can cancel as soon as you get your box and you won't be billed again. It says it right on the ad. Enjoy! :)

UPDATE: I used my paypal  to get the free box just now and it charged me $1 but I am pretty sure that is for verification purposes and will be refunded. That may just be for paypal too.  Just wanted to make everyone aware!

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