Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tmart Necklace Review

I had the chance to try out a couple products from a store I discovered called T-mart. They carry a wide variety, of fashion, home decor and accessories and discount prices. There are a lot of unique things to be had and I enjoyed browsing. Finally, I settled on a wallet and a necklace.

I don't have all bad things to say, but unfortunately I have to be honest about one of the items. The wallet was not how it was pictured online or I expected it to be. So I forgo-ed reviewing that. The necklace however, was great for the price, which was only $3.59 plus Shipping and handling.

More about the wallet. It was much brighter in person and it was defective in that part of it was coming apart where the metal holds it together. When I expect to get something new, I accept to get it without damage, unless forewarned of the damage and why it was discounted. This did not occur with T-mart.

The only praise I can give is on the necklace and of course I am bias because I love cats. I like how the tail spirals and all the "bling" that makes up the body. I think this would make a great gift.

The shipping wasn't as fast as i'd like so bear that in mind. It also wasn't slow as grass growing. Just not ideal. The shipping costs however are tantamount to fair.

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