Friday, November 15, 2013

Want to learn a new Fashion or #Design #skill for cheap? Check out #Skillshare #classes !

Are you jonesing to learn a new skill or 10, but just don't have the money to pony up for those classes?
What if I told you you can get this at the fraction of the cost, online at your own leisure from skilled craftsmen and woman from all over the globe? It is true. For as low as it would cost to feed two people lunch, you can learn your most desired trades! Feed yourself more knowledge with Skillshare.

Courtesy of Skillshare

Skillshare is the site to go for your online learning needs. It provides you with a venue of a plethora of classes to choose from and they are so cheap! The people that teach these classes have tried and true results with everything. They are real people teaching you the same things that they have been taught and put to use.

I had the wonderful opportunity of trying out one of the classes from Skillshare's School of Fashion and Style. They offer classes in fashion and everything in the world of design. How to make t-shirts, how to draw fashion, how to style your home perfectly, how to make jewelry. It's endless!

Courtesy of Skillshare

Courtesy of Skillshare

The class I chose was for Interior Design. I have always been an avid fan of design in every platform, but my favorite has been interior. My past time consists of  rearranging my room and living room more times than I can count.

The class is run by a very experienced interior designer, Justina Blakeney, who graduated from UCLA's World arts and cultures program. She later continued her artistic journey by moving to Italy to study more design. While there, she launched a boutique, design collective and a clothing label. In addition, she had helped co-author four design books, by Random House. She's now back in LA working at what she loves. Justina has worked with many popular brands in her time and it is clear she has the skills to pass on.

Given the information above, I knew that I was in good hands to learn the tricks of the trade for interior design and was excited to get started.

A breakdown of what I will be learning in the coming months: 

I will be styling 5 key areas of my home, consisting of floral, coffee table, sofa and console/credenza, book shelf, and bed styling. All of these classes are on video and there is an introduction to styling to start off with , along with her closing thoughts at the end of all the projects. I love that these are on video, because I work much better as a photographic learner. Things sink in much more when I can visualize them right in front of me!

Courtesy of Justina Blakeney

My class goes into April and everything is broken down into easy to follow steps, just like a regular school syllabus. I have loads of information that I will be learning. So far we have covered table top decorating and I have learned a good amount about space, balance and symmetry.

Did you know that repetition is the easiest on eyes? That things in a pair of 3 are better than things of one? Neither did I ! I have been learning more than I would have thought!

Things like styling your table that you think should be so simple just isn't for me. Only because i'm so indecisive about what I think looks good. When I have concrete 'rules' to go by I start to see things come together and think "Why didn't I think of that" That is when I know I am getting good use out of a class like this!  Once I have had the chance to experience all of these videos and projects, I will report back on what I thought of it. I can only assume I am going to love the rest as much as the beginning. Stay tuned!

Do you have a skill in fashion and design that you want to learn ? Sign up to Skillshare today!

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