Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December #Ipsy #Spoilers!

There are only two Ipsy spoilers that are out so far. I have to admit, I wasn't impressed with the last bag. Not because of the products themselves but because of the colors. I don't think they do a wonderful job at personalizing our things. Often times I will get lucky, but that is just it, luck. 

 That said, I'm always still excited for a new bag because you never know what you'll get and I love that element of surprise. There is usually at least one product that will make it worthwhile! For just $10 including shipping and handling you really can't complain. 

You can get on the waiting list for your first bag here under me, and every time you get someone to sign up you will get a free gift! The gifts can be anything from nail polish or an accessory, to eye shadows from Urban Decay! So help me help you! ;) 

Check out my past Ipsy reviews if you're still not convinced. 

On with the spoilers! 

Spoiler # 1

Well, it is obviously something from Be A bombshell, so that's good news. I'm pretty sure this is the all in one stick ! I have loved the quality of them from the little I have tried.  I just hope it's not bright red, orange or nude! 

Spoiler # 2

These hints are a lot more obvious this time around! Looks like we are going to be getting a trio of  eye shadows. A smaller version from this Palette by Pop Beauty Hope they're colors I can use! 

Spoiler # 3 

I guess they really don't want to keep us guessing anymore! I like it though. I really hope this is a good color because I love NYX Lipsticks. I own so many. The other item  is a lip stick from Be a bombshell or Pop maybe ( Linked above)  I'd be happy with either, as long as they are my colors. 

Spoiler # 4 

Well, I see falsies (I have SO many of these) and nail polish. Hmmm.

Spoiler #5 

No, we are not getting confetti, but we are getting something that relates to this theme!  A party theme i'm guessing. 

Spoiler #6 

Looks like we are getting a really nice bag this time. I love the pillowy looking quilt texture on this! I cannot tell if the color is a very dark midnight blue or black. Black would be wonderful, but blue would be nice too. 

This bag seems about 50% exciting to me. 

Will be back with a review If It is worthy of one! 

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