Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keep your feet warm and cozy with #Kushyfoot this winter.

This post was inspired by Kushyfoot. I received product free for evaluation. All opinions are my own. 
I am very picky about the socks and slippers I buy. Due to my nerve issues, I have high maintenance feet that have to be comfy at all times. The kushiness of my slippers and socks is mandatory. 

Slippers have to be something I can walk around the house not worrying if they are going to fall off. Equally, I need to be able to run out and get the mail comfortably. Nothing too fancy, just cute and supportive. With these adorable Fleece Leopard print slippers I have no problems getting around in them. They have a thin foot bed that claims to be massaging for some feet. These are made nicely, warm on cold days and are a treat after a long day. I just slip off my normal shoes and slip these on to rest my feet. 

There are so many styles to choose from and are great to tote around in your purse for whenever you need to rest your feet. Say your new shoes are killing you and you are far from home. These flats will be your knight in shining armor until you get home! 

When paired with their flat knit opaque knee high socks, I get extra comfort and kushiness just right for me. I love these socks. They have a special thin padding that also is supposed to be massaging. I didn't notice any massage action going on, but they are very comfy regardless and great for work socks. They are made out of special lycra shaping material and very soft and silky. Very well made and durable. They also support circulation well throughout the whole leg. It really hugs you there but not too much that it's uncomfortable. Needless to say, these babies won't be rolling down on you..

These are perfect to wear under pants or long skirts and I have found myself wearing them a lot lately. They're great with any of my flats and come in several different styles, such as fleece and fish net. My favorite are these opaque ones. 

Kushyfoot carries a whole line of shape wear, from feet to bottom solutions. You have to check them out . If not just for their very affordable prices! The fleece flats to go are only $10.00 and the knee highs are only $23.97 for SIX pairs in one package.

This company is definitely Gift Guide Approved! 
These would make awesome stocking stuffers for anyone who wants comfy feet. 

Learn more through their social media and keep up with promotions. 

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