Saturday, December 7, 2013

#Starlooks Starbox #Unboxing November 2013

I'm back with the 2nd of 3 boxes to review from Starlook's Starbox subscription! It's like early Christmas every time I receive one of these beauties.  This was a very interesting set of products for the month of November. If you haven't heard of Starlooks or the Starbox subscription and want to know more, please read my past review of Starbox to get the deets on this Cruelty Free favorite! 

Moving on to the goodies! 

Starlooks continues to impress me with their unique selections.  I received the same amount of products I did last time and I was pleased with what I got for the most part. I know that I will find a use for everything and already have a few FOTD's in mind. These are not your typical colors, but none the less that is part of why I like them. 

I received the following:

  • A 5 shade eye shadow palette - The Monaco Collection. $41 There are so many other colors to choose from in the palette. 19 different groups of colors in fact! These are extremely pigmented, a good deal powdery and go on very smooth. 

  • Longwear Eyeliner pot in the color Orion. $13 A deep blue green gel-like liner. Again, many colors to choose from. This goes on very smooth. I had nada problems with application. Their eyeliners and pencil liners are among my favorites. 
  • Eyeliner brush $18 This ia very high quality brush. The hair is  smooth. Works very well with their eyeliner.
  • Pencil sharpener (Not available on the website)

Considering the amount that you get, this is outstanding, per usual. The only caveat that I have with this subscription is that you really are gambling with the colors and some may not be the type you like. Often times these have come with very orange colors, which I am just not a big fan of , but I make it work when I have to. sure, they make great gifts for friends or stocking stuffers, but ultimately you want most of what you get to be contoured to you specifically. 

I would rate this one at 60/100 but the other Starbox I reviewed last month was a solid 90/100. That came with a gorgeous blush set. You can that unboxing above where I linked. 

Starbox is really hit or miss, but it is so worth the gamble to me! You save a ton of their retail as you can see! 

Here is a look from one of their inserts that I decided to change up a bit. Not too much though. I just brought  the dark blue into the crease and blended more. 

 I'm also wearing Starlooks lipstick and blush from my October box

Give the gift of a Starbox Subscription to a friend / loved one for the holidays, and they will receive the December Starbox – an incredible $99 value! – which will contain our 15 Shade Eye Shadow Palette!
Subscribe to Starbox before December 10th to receive the incredible December Starbox, containing the Starlooks' $99 VALUE, 15 Shade Eye Shadow Palette.  Subscriptions are only $15/mo + shipping! This palette is designed to be fashion forward and not like the other palettes you will see on their site. Get excited!

As you can see in the picture above, you will received coupons with some of your boxes. This time I got 40% off any purchase and you can too! 

Once again, you must check out their looksbook for the November Starbox. The Photography is beautiful.

Starlooks is definitely Holiday Gift Guide approved! 

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