Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bath & Body works Semiannual #sale- Get $10 off $30 #Paypal special #coupon! Ends 1-12 HURRY!

This is a special coupon I found through and it ends 1-12-14 so you need to hurry up and use it like me right after i'm done posting this! Sadly the stores never carry what I want, but the online store does and they're all deeply discounted right now! Woot! Happy Shopping. Thank you Paypal! If you miss this one, don't worry, there are other coupons. You just have to spend a bit more. They have an in store one as well and don't forget to stack with your BBW receipts! They have always discounts on them at the bottom! I think you can also stack BBW coupons on line so try it! :)

Also,  don't forget to use Shopathome to get CASH BACK! 

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