Monday, January 20, 2014

Go #flameless with Candle warmers

This post was inspired by Candlewarmers. I received free product for evaluation. All opinions are always my own. Do you love oil warmers? I am obsessed with burning wax melts and oils and can never get enough unique looking artistic warmers. I am constantly selling older warmers to buy new ones. There are just so many colors, types and designs that I want them all! Every one is like a  piece of art to showcase in each of my rooms. 

 I love candles as well, but warmers have the most amazing throw. They are better for the environment, as they emit a lot less soot and chemicals. The huge plus of warmers is that there is no risk of fire. You still have to be careful obviously, but there is no worry that it could tip over and catch anything on fire. It's also much more kid friendly and no more smoke accosting your face blowing it out. 

They can instantly bring a calming and lovely ambiance to any room with the plus of beautiful scents that fill up your place in seconds. Especially the kind that light up like this Fleur De Lis warmer above, from  I use this as a night light sometimes and when all I need is a dim light. It's great, because it doubles as that and aromatherapy. Perfect for relaxing after a long day.

One of my favorite scents is vanilla and a pack of  Warm Vanilla scented wax melts came with this warmer. They smell sooo delicious. Very reminiscent of vanilla cupcakes baking. Burning scents like this is dangerous, because it makes me crave what they smell like! I have burnt these same few melts for weeks now.  It comes with 12 pieces and only 1 or 2 are needed to get a very strong throw.  A little goes a long way and they last forever! 

This warmer is a plug in and has a convenient on and off switch on the wire. It works by heating up melts and oils with the heat of a bulb. It heats up very fast and the scent that fills up even a big area, lasts a long time. Hours longer than any candle ever could. It is constantly being heated and thrown into the air so that you'll always smell the scent. The bulb should last quite a long time and when you are ready to repurchase one, they are not very expensive at all. Only 1.99 -5.99! 

I really enjoy this warmer and it has been perfect for the fall and winter, but now i am craving a more spring time look and they have many beautiful ones to choose from. I might just get my next one from them, because their prices are competitive. This one was $16.99 and that is a really good deal. 

This is just a peak at the many products they sell. There is so much more to be seen, such as candle warmers, hurricane lanterns, wax melts, accessories and more. 

Go flameless and Support the act of burning safer with warmers today!

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