Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pamper yourself with Little Moon Essentials #bathsalts

This post has been sponsored by Little moon essentials. This Valentines day, why not pamper yourself a little? You deserve it. No really, you do. Sometimes, all it takes is to hide away from all your cares in the bathroom and run a hot bath  with amazingly scented bath salts that enrich the bodies with healthy oils and lift your spirits with cleansing scents like lavender.

I know that I don't do that often enough, but trying out Little  Moon Essentials reminded me that I need to treat myself more with the little things in life like soaking in that hot bath. It also sadly reminded me to clean my bathtub more often. Mine alone. There is little that I love more than aromatherapy baths.  I have been so comfortable with the right scent and bath salts that I have many times fallen asleep during the spa like experience. I don't recommend that without a bath pillow and some kind of an alarm like a yelling otherhalf or child. ;) It just feels so good and it's so easy to drift off into another world. I also suffer from Exzema on certain parts of my body, especially on one elbow and luckily, these salts are designed to treat it. 

They're not just a regular old Aromatherapy joint though, they have hilarious and interesting names to entertain you.

This is one Mineral bath salt soak I definitely want to try, for the name alone, Tired old ass soak. Along with it's best friend,  Ass Kisser Body Damage Cream. 

Little Moon's story:

Little Moon Essentials was started by a woman who suffered from Exzema as well. As an  Aromatherapist and Herbalist, she concocted her own special mineral salts, that include organic ginger as the main active herb in all of them,  for its therapeutic healing properties, and pure essential oils. Her goal was to soothe and treat skin. She made a gallon jar of this stuff and it sold like crazy, so crazy that it was gone the next day. Her dream became a reality, the company flourished and Nineteen years later, Little Moon Essentials is an international success.  All her Body care is 100% natural and is great for detox, passion, sports recovery, skin problems, and much more. 

At just $5.50 a bottle I don't think you can go wrong with these. 
Their cute little message states that Nature has a remedy for everything, Little Moon just bottles it for you.  I love their scent choices, there are so many to choose so you will definitely find what you're looking for. They have also branched out into many different pampering products like oils, candles and bath toys. 

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