Friday, January 10, 2014

What are you going to wear for #Prom night?

Sponsored by Dress First 
Prom night is a magical time of whimsy and adventure for most. Though before the princess gets carried away to the ball by her pumpkin coach, there is the problem of picking out the perfect dress! Anyone that has done this knows it is not always an easy task. I remember traipsing around from store to store trying on one dress after the other and still not being able to find THE one. It was a headache getting everywhere and honestly sad that there was not enough time in the day lol  Even more sad that most girls have to settle on a dress that they like but don't LOVE, because they are confined to whatever stores are near them.

One of the many reasons I adore online shopping. No running around like a crazy person required. You don't have to go to that fancy store with better sales an hour away when everything you need is just a click away. If you're worried about sizing, you just have to make sure that you order soon enough that you may have time to exchange dresses.  

Dress First is a beautiful store I discovered recently that puts an end to the prom dress excursion mayhem.   Truly, they carry every style and color of dress you could ever want, so you are sure to find something that fits your fancy. 

Onto the incredible eye candy of  Dress First...

This sky blue princess style sleeveless dress reminds me of a fairy tale. The detail on the upper half  features a beautiful chevron like v design that is very flattering to the midsection. Then it flows out into this fluffy sparkly dream cloud right to the very bottom. I love the transparent layers and how it just shines so bright. I would pair this with a gorgeous silver necklace with maybe a matching blue stone pendant to really play up that D├ęcolletage.

If you're looking for something more short and playful, this is the dress for you. Elegant, conservative, yet a little on the flirty side. I absolutely love this lavender color, but all these dresses are custom colored. Can you believe that? You can choose any color you want! I feel like I would need to get my favorite dress in each color lol Also, the detail on the upper half is just so ornately gorgeous. I love the beading and the way the sleeves hit just at the shoulder. 

Or maybe you're looking for something more eye catching and less conventional. This bold red and gold number has a lot of flare and sure to get you recognized. The zig zag detail is very creative and I definitely guarantee you'll be the only one wearing this at prom. 

Lastly, this is the most stunning sleek and classy dress I have seen in a long time. If you want something conservative with gorgeous adornment, this is the dress for you. I absolutely love the detail in this dress, especially the very flattering empire waist. How it criss crosses is unique and very slimming. The way it puffs out just a little before the stomach area leaves room to hide any insecurities that lie in the midsection. That back though, is flawlessly beautiful and the silver color is perfection. This would be the one I would pick, hands down. The retail for this is $210, discounted to $162 with free shipping. I would buy this in a heart beat. Well worth the price! There are many other discounted prom dresses where this one came from. 

They even have a wide range of accessories to really make your whole look shine.  The below silver earrings would go perfect with my dress choice. Gah, doing this whole article makes me wish I was going to prom all over again. I need to go find a fancy ball to attend so I have an excuse to buy that dress! 

There is just so much to drool over on this site and I am now on an official mission to find my reason to shop here. Finding a dress for Prom is like playing dress up all over again as a kid. It is fairy tale like and you want the perfect dress to showcase the memories you will make. You will definitely find that here. 

Right now, you can take advantage of  many discounts on prom dresses! May you find the dress that makes you feel like the princess you always wanted to be! 


  1. Cute! Have to check them out I need more cocktail dresses

  2. Dress First looks like the perfect place to get a unique dress! I love that they have jewelry too! you can get your whole outfit, minus the shoes in one place! Easy shopping and unique shopping all in one!

  3. That silver dress in the middle is super cute