Thursday, February 6, 2014

Discover the Intimates subscription by #Wantable

A while back I  was lucky to sample a makeup subscription box called Wantable. You can checkout the review here. After that experience I was excited to find out that Wantable had just started a new subscription line for socks and intimates. I was seriously astounded by what was sent. Each piece was high quality and much better than expected. I am brutally honest in my reviews and not afraid to express my feeling about something, If i don't like it. If you are a man or woman looking to gift your SO something special, this is definitely the right subscription to buy them. 

Wantable provides a quiz to contour their box to your liking and they were SPOT on with me. I said what size I needed, what colors and style I preferred and got exactly what I described. They have a very precise system that makes it easy to let them know what you like. I wanted nothing too flirty, but fun and classy with simple colors and I got what I wanted. 

The box came with a little card that reads "Hey there, gorgeous" and I thought that was a cute touch. Everything was wrapped nicely with black tissue paper. Wantable has always had a lovely presentation.

It also came with a breakdown of the product descriptions and cost, which is great to show how much money you save on subscribing vs. buying the products retail in store. This subscription box costs $36 or you have the option of a one-time purchase for $40. Two of these items cost $22 so you save at least 2 items worth rather than 4. It's a great deal! 

 The first item I took out was a pair of PACT all natural, organic, sweat shop free knitted socks in a gorgeous muted turquoise color. I love these. They are so soft feeling and really comfy.  I have a not so comfortable to the touch carpet and I have to wear thick socks to bear it. These work great.

 The second item I pulled out was a pair of  Q-T Intimates panties in black, with beautiful lace detailing and a sparkly heart charm in the middle.

The third thing was the Coobie bra, my absolute favorite of the bunch. So high quality and comfortable. It was the perfect XL fit for me. It's basically a sports bra with a full back and front, now wires, but lightly padded and much more comfy. It really helps to disguise back fat. Love.

The last thing was another Q-T Intimates Item. This is a nude color tummy and thigh control shaper and it REALLY works. I'm not a big fan of thigh shapers because I have big things so when I wear these they swoosh against each other and make a sound. They would probably be ok for pants, but not a skirt or dress. The tummy control was really good though. It really pulled it in without being uncomfortable. It's slightly smaller than a normal XL would fit, but still fine. 

Wantable Intimates

Overall, I LOVED this subscription and want to give special thanks to Wantable's awesome PR for the press sample. This is the perfect gift for any woman on Valentines day and check out their other subscriptions for accessories and makeup. Plus, they have a special gift section. I really want to try the accessories box now!


  1. This is Lindsey from Wantable. We're SO happy to hear that we nailed your intimates box!! Thanks for your review!

    1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try it out and give my opinion!

  2. I wanted to see what was inside a Wantable box! Thanks for the peek. I just saw a contest for Wantables, too. This is a good Valentine’s Day gift, especially friend to friend.