Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today’s Top Jewelry Trends & The top 5 ways to make your #jewelry stand out.

How do you style your jewelry? Do you keep it simple or do you combine lots of patterns and designs? You might not know it, but it could be over kill or underkill. Find out the simple ways to make a big statement and really make your jewelry stand out. The key is coordinating, styling and balance of color.

Fashion jewelry is becoming more and more popular among women. Celebrities wear popular leather

bracelets and layered necklaces everyday with their expensive, designer clothing. The average woman

may not be able to afford the shirt worn by the celebrity; however, she probably can splurge for a pair of

earrings seen on the cover of a magazine. Jewelry designer Chan Luu says with the right jewelry, women

can feel more fashion forward and confident in her overall appearance. However, it is important to

understand the jewelry trends. The following are among the most popular.

1. Colorful Bracelets

In terms of women’s bracelets, it is becoming trendy to wear all types of color. Color is seen in different

shades of leather and plastics. It is also noticeable in bright colored beading. These details are beautiful

on a bracelet, and they allow each piece to look original. Sometimes it might seem difficult to wear color

with your clothing. After all, it might appear like the color on the jewelry clashes with the color on your

clothes. However, when you look at how the celebrities wear these bracelets, they often layer several

pieces. The jewelry is not a perfect match for the celebrity is wearing. Instead, it is a nice juxtaposition.

2. Layering


When you wear jewelry today, you should not worry about putting on too many pieces. Jewelry

designers rarely create their pieces with the idea that “less is more.” Instead, they often create

collections where multiple pieces can be worn together. For example, you can layer a simple necklace

under a statement necklace. This will create more interest around your neckline. It is also a great

trend to consider if you are wearing a low cut shirt or dress. In addition, many people like to layer their

bracelets and watches.

If you are not used to layering, it might feel overwhelming at first. To try out this trend, ask yourself

what additional pieces of jewelry can be added to enhance your overall appearance. The idea is to keep

adding until you feel complete.

3. Jewelry is the Focal Point

In the past, jewelry took a back seat to the clothing people were wearing. Today, the jewelry you wear

can become the focal point of your entire ensemble. This is partially due to the amazing jewelry options

available to consumers. In order for jewelry to take the spotlight, it is important to wear the right

amount of pieces. If you have one amazing piece of jewelry, then this might work. However, make sure

that you pair it with the right clothes.

4. Simple clothing


The best way for your jewels to stand out is to go simple with your

wardrobe. Some good clothing options include the following:

• Jeans and a t-shirt

• Black dress

• Denim shirt

Avoid patterns or loud colors.

If you want your jewelry to be center stage, these clothing options

might compete for others attention.

5. Wear your hair back.

When you are emphasizing your jewelry, it is a good idea to

pull your hair back or wear it half up. This allows your earrings and necklaces to be on full display.

Jewelry lovers anywhere can take advantage of these top trends to look fashion forward and make the

most of their pieces

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