Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top 3 tips on Choosing that perfect #fragrance.

Do you ever have trouble choosing that perfect fragrance just for you? Have you bought something online and were so excited about it , only to find out when you got it, it was way too floral or fruity or musky? I know I have been there. When choosing a fragrance, make sure you read all of the description and reviews and get the precise details so this doesn't happen again.

Also, make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck! If all else fails and you're just not sure, sample the fragrance in stores and then go online to get it cheaper! is an example of an online fragrance website that offers a myriad of fragrances at discount prices. There are so many great scents to choose from, narrowing it down can be difficult. This basic guide will help you select just the right scent for you.

The Basic Scent Types
The best way to buy fragrance online is to know what you like. Determine your current perfumes scent types. Perfumers base fragrances upon four basic categories. These types are:

Floral scents are bright and sweet like a bouquet of flowers
Scents with a musk base smell earthy and rich
Citrus smells like citrus fruits
Natural scents smell crisp, woodsy or grassy

If you love woodsy or floral fragrances, you may enjoy Angel by Thierry Mugler for Women.

If you love true floral and musk, why not try Romance by Ralph Lauren

Personally, I love the more fruity smells with some floral and without musk or a very small hint. Fragrances such as Big Pony Pink, By Ralph Lauren offer a perfect combo of that

It is a good idea to sample various perfumes in person to determine which of these scent types are your favorites. Try ordering samples of fragrances. Buy online with confidence once this legwork is complete. Some websites, like Fragrance Villa, offer limited money back guarantees on perfumes. This is so helpful to those that do not have the time or wherewithal to schlep around in person in search of a great scent.

Refine Your Scent Favorites
Once you know your scent favorites, you can hone in even further on a choice. Perfumes are complex. While a scent falls into one of the four basic categories, there is further nuance to consider. Do you like bright, sparkling scents? Do you like dark, sultry scents? Perhaps you like them both, but wear one for day and the other for night.

Purpose Driven Scent Choice
Chose a scent for specific characteristics or purpose. Spicy scents are erotic and exotic. These might be best for a date night. Clean bright scents are appropriate in the workplace and for every day use. There are scents that give the impression you weigh less than you do, or that time has passed quickly. Many studies explore the effect that various scents have on the human brain. Research further if you want to know more about the power of subliminal scent suggestion.

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